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Miss Amazing

Country United States
State Nebraska
City Papillion
Address 1109 Parc Dr.

Miss Amazing Reviews

  • Mar 12, 2023

I was a participant at large during the summer a few years ago. And I've competed since them. This pageant system is nationwide and a scam in progress. This pageant system is for women and girls with disabilities. I was scammed out of my proceeds while trying to get to national miss amazing. And I'm never doing this pageant bull s**t again. I lost a lot of Money behind this and they told me that I wouldn't be getting what was rightfully my money. I think the entire pageant system needs to be shut down.

If you or someone you know is wanting to compete in a miss amazing event. Don't do it. You'll save so much money. I will never recommend miss amazing anything to anyone. It's total crap. Once you start state chapter and you win queen, then you need to rethink before even turning in your 5 cans of food to the state chapter, because that 5 cans of food is turning into $100.00 scammed out of you ( thats the national miss amazing registration fee) and whatever money you raise to go to nationals will be taken from you. You're given a sponsor a queen account and anything you make along with anything outside of the sponsor a queen account, is snatched from you. If you can't go to nationals they Take your money.

Not fair. Ladies and gentlemen this is total asinine

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