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MiraVie Skincare

Country United States
State Wyoming
City Casper
Address 5830 E. 2nd Street
Phone 1-888-537-5319

MiraVie Skincare Reviews

  • Jun 6, 2017

I am filing a complaint on the company name MiraVie Eye Collection because my credit card was charged for skin product I did not receive. I do not believe in age cream, therefor I would never buy any and I do not recall ever ordering this product. Accordin to my Discover card this charge was on it three times and how I found out about this chage I was researching my back statements for another company.

Thank you for your cooperation and consideration.

Thank You,

Barbara McCormick

New Orleans, Louisisana

  • Feb 2, 2016

I responded to an online ad for MiraVie, which stated that i was getting a free trial, and I only had to pay shipping and handling.

I received two tiny bottles of eye care and skincare from MiraVie, that was fine, because I knew they were samples, what I

didn't know was that I had to call and cancel my "Subscription". Promptly the first of the following month my credit card was

charged 89.95 and 88.95. I immediately called the company and was informed that I had agreed to that absurb arrangement.

I am furious!! Please beware of Fine Print with anything you order on the internet. I don't even want to use this s**t now. Seriously Pissed!

Customer service was nasty about letting me know that there would no refund!

  • Jan 10, 2016


Total ripoff! I ordered trial of eye serum and skin cream for about $5 each. I did not think to read fine print until right after I ordered and only realized then I would be automatically charged $86.95 a month if I didn't cancel within 14 days of ordering. I called within 14 days and cancelled - only I didn't realize the eye cream and the skin cream are (they claim) TWO DIFFERENT COMPANIES!!! And if you don't call both they are not both cancelled. I realized this in day 15 when I was charged $86.95 on my debit card. When I called the eye serum number I went round and round with a customer service rep who was very rude, refused to refund my money, and refused to let me speak with a supervisor. This is a total scam to try to get your money! They clearly do not care about customer service or their reputation. This was a very expensive lesson learned!

  • Dec 14, 2015

Ordered trial products of MiraVie eye intensify and skin vitalize. Little did i know they would charge my credit card $85,95 and $89.95 if not cancelled within 14 days. So I paid $3.95 and $4.95 initially for the shipping and handling, then another 85.95 and 89.95! When i called the companies they said i needed to read the terms and conditions, which I thought I had but obviously not well enough! This is a total ripoff! I called my credit card company and am now trying to dispute the charges, because when you call the company they do not want to give you anything. Total Ripoff - I do not want anyone else to have to go through this aggravation, so I'm filing this report.

  • Dec 2, 2015

I ordered a trial of two of the products Miravie offers. The trials were about $5 each. There was no area that I could see that explained there was a 14 day trial period before my account would be charged over $170 dollars. I called to get a refund and I was refused. I would never spend that kind of money on face cream! Not to mention it burned like fire. There was nothing in the packaging to state it was a trial period. This is a scam and a rip off, hurting people by taking their money without being made aware.

  • Nov 23, 2015

I purchased a trial vial of Miravie Skin Cream and felt tricked into also ordering their eye serum. I had no idea the two products would be put on auto delivery for the sum of over $90 each! The print must have been very small and I had no idea additional shipments would arrive or would involve nothing short of "price gouging". When the first auto ship arrived, I called to discontinue eye serum and they said I could keep it and they would give it to for half price. A week later I called again to say I did not want that eye serum even at half price as it caused a burning and reddening around my eye area. I was told no returns were allowed for any reason. I was furious since I fully expected this company to stand behind the product. Especially since they originally (covertly) charged me $91.90 for the product. This company cleverly showed up as another name on my credit card: CPF*EYESOLICE Huntington BECA. And the Miravie Skin Cream showed up on my credit card as: KVO*SKINPOMP LAS VEGAS NV. I have no issue with the skin cream except that it comes in a jar that has very little product in it and it does nothing to soften wrinkles as it advertises. Another complete rip off but at least that did not burn my skin. I am not sure that 1/2 price refund on the eye serum will ever show up on my credit card either. I told the customer service rep that she is working for a company that scams and gouges consumers who have no recourse when their product is harmful to their skin.

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