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Miraleste Canyon Estates

Country United States
State California
City San Pedro
Address 300 Miraleste Dr
Phone 1 310-832-1155

Miraleste Canyon Estates Reviews

  • Mar 10, 2019


Exhibit folder #1

Counter lawsuit: Mce) retaliatory fines: $5,450 and $75 court fees = $5,500.

“exhibits” regarding historic personal and professional harassment, false allegations, noise nuisances, personal and professional defamation, professional discrimination, sexual harassment, verbal abuse and assault and battery.

Exhibits folder #2

Summary: hoa email correspondence to hoa and fbi, lausd “final dismissal notice”, notice of $190/$150k special assessment, 2016 mce newsletter, extract from mike fore’s contrived litigation including his falsified allegations, dfeh “citizen’s comment/complaint form”, mike fore vs. Miraleste canyon estates/robert beliveau Wrongful termination lawsuit), open forum-board meeting topics, request for a copy of mike fore’s contract, mike holguin’s “candidate statement”, marina gate co. Quote for pool#2 fencing $12,500, los gatos invoices: $170k, wayne louvier-baseless claim, holguin vs. Miraleste canyon estates: $248k/$2,400 farmer’s insurance policy, mulligan/gs brother’s landscaping contract terminated.

Exhibits folder #3

Lausd final dismissal notice, lausd resume, and cctc teaching credentials, master’s degree in educational administration, bank statement below $25.

Exhibits folder #4

Dfeh-right to sue letter based on historic hoa discrimination, defamation, public humiliation and professional harassment. Dfeh “citizen’s comment/complaint form, dfeh “right to sue letter”

Exhibits folder #5

Extract from mike fore’s contrived litigation including his falsified allegations, mce newsletter/hoa security $500k, mce newsletter defames securitas as unprofessional and lacking integrity, leo sec security has “game plan”, $72k settlement awarded to securitas security co. Caused by mce “breach of contract”, mce-notice of special assessment that names me as the cause of their contrived litigation, 2016 mce newsletter $150k litigation/special assessment, leo sec security-door to door flyers during the $500k bug stop fumigation project and dg paving unnecessary excavation, illustrates condition of parking lots along with victims of assault and battery created by virgil magday that issued the victim $900 fine and ignored $2,000 medical bills creating marital strife at home for the victim because of these contrived retaliatory fines.

Exhibits folder #6

California bar association complaint filed against wayne louvier, raymond kaiser and pamela swindells from kaiser, swindells and eiler law firm, as well as, adams and sterling law firm.

Adams and sterling law firm issues me a “cease and desist letter” threatening lawsuit against me regarding alleged hoa defamation. Then, they dropped mce hoa as a client and wayne louvier’s email requested to be removed from my mailing list.

Exhibits folder #7

Wasted time in court creating counter lawsuits and deliberating these historic hoa matters of public humiliation created by virgil magday’s negligence that failed to acquire mike fore’s signature on the “release waiver” after gifting his friend, a $7,000 severance check, after his friend was caught stealing $170k…mike fore was fired for entering into an unauthorized and over-inflated contract with los gatos tree service.

Magday and hoa attorney’s failed to make a case against mike fore’s false allegations or his falsified claim to have been terminated without cause. However, mike fore, clearly violated the terms of “employment contract”.

Therefore, mike fore wasn’t a victim of “work place harassment” nor was he “wrongfully terminated” or “sexually harassed or discriminated against” by me.

Instead, mike fore was creating daily harassment through excessive noise nuisances created by illegal contract with los gatos tree service that also employed raul’s crew to run their leaf blowers around my home, non-stop… destroying my right to live within my community and enjoy simple: “peace and tranquility”.

Adams sterling attorney: wayne louvier email informs that he, nor his law firm, represent mce hoa asking me to remove him from my mailing list.

Michael holguin files $260k litigation against hoa insurance policy which caused hoa to be dropped from farmer’s insurance policy. Mike holguin’s law suit included 4 additional plaintiffs that were claiming personal losses for land-slippage that occurred in the “common area” near the canyon.

Exhibits folder #8

Mike fore’s signed “employment agreement” mike fore’s $150k contrived litigation wayne louvier’s letter from kaiser and swindells law firm kaiser and swindells letter claiming “conflict of interest” and loyalty to mce hoa.

Marina gate proposal $12k vs. Los gatos $170k 11.20.15 adams and sterling wayne louvier “cease and desist” letter

10.25.17 adams and sterling wayne louvier email stated: “neither i, nor the firm i work for, represent miraleste canyon estates. Please remove me from your mailing list.

State bar attorney complaint: raymond kaiser, pamela swindells, and wayne louvier

State bar response denying attorney’s wrong doing

Mike fore vs. Robert beliveau case interrogatories

Exhibits folder #9

Mike holguin vs. Miraleste canyon estates $248,500 settlement or $2,400 special assessment at 516 units equals $1.3 million.

Exhibits folder #10

Christopher spiegelman assault and battery created discrimination and defamation attacking my physical, personal and professional well-being.

Photographs of my injuries

Sept. 21, 2016 lapd police report

Lbsc: robert beliveau vs. Christopher spiegelman

Lbsc: donald mink property management/mce vs. Robert beliveau

Breach of contract securitas security complaint for breach of contract and for services rendered $72,000 settlement granted. Proving they’ve got more integrity than mce.

Exhibits folder #11

Medical records after assault and battery created by virgil magday’s game plan and christopher spiegelman’s premeditated assault.

Exhibits folder #12

Kenneth christiansen vs. Virgil magday assault and battery $2,000 medical bills. Victim suffered injury along with two chipped teeth created by virgil magday’s game plan.

Affidavits and explanation of assault and battery.

Exhibits folder #13

Signed affidavits on behalf of kenneth christiansen

Exhibits folder #14

Mike fore and $170k of los gatos invoices vs. Marina gate company $12,500 proposal that were ignored by virgil magday to orchestrate costly noise nuisances and implement hoa game plan.

Exhibits folder #15

Dg paving invoices $350k led to 10% increase in hoa monthly dues without attaining 3-bids created excessive spending to follow magday’s game plan which led to assault and battery along with sexual harassment and defamation created by hoa’s divisive and self-serving oppressive harassment.

Simich contractor’s 36 invoices totaling $995k for subsurface drainage project: $1.78k/27 months of noise nuisances.

Exhibits folder #16

Stephen’s plumbing 300 invoices totaling $785k for subsurface drainage project: $1.78k/27 months creating extensive and deliberate noise nuisance.

Exhibits folder #17

Mike fore vs. Mce/robert beliveau litigation folder

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