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Miracle Ear

Country United States
State Louisiana
City Shreveport
Address 5737 Youree Dr
Phone 318-532-4087

Miracle Ear Reviews

  • Aug 1, 2017

My 83 yr old mother purchsed hearing aids from miracle ear at cookeville tenn they have never worked correcly an after many returned visit the problem still remains. she is on a fixed income an the payments are 100.00 a month.paying for a product that doesnt work is not only wrong , but is abuse of the elderly.this company should be reviewed an all money returned so she can go to a real hearing aid store an purchase a set that works.

  • May 26, 2016

My 86 year old mother that is deaf and very vunerable to manipulation and suggestion; plus now cannot fully understand a conversation whether due to her lessened hearing or declined aging factor has been a client of miracle ear for many years.

She purchased a new pair of hearing aids approximately less tha 5 years ago for $5000. Now I found out she went in for batteries about a month ago and they suggested she be tested again. Of course they said her hearing was much worse and said she needed the new improved hearing aids for approximately $4000 with her old ones turned in for a small rebate.

She of course did this because she is old, desperate, deaf, alone, trust them blindly, and thinks they are doing this in her best interest. She does not realize they are just salesmen....not doctors or any type of medical professionals on any level.

Miracle Ear needs to be shut down. My mother needs to have her money retured and her old hearing aids returned.

This is a scam and con of elderly and disabled people!! It is a crime and criminal operation that has far too long been ripping off people that cannot fend for themselves.

This is disgusting on soooo many levels!!! I am filing a complaint with the FTC, etc.

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