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Country United States
State Indiana
City New Palestine
Address 5026 US-52,
Phone 1-866-389-2727

MinuteClinic Reviews

  • May 7, 2018

We went to a minute clinic when my wife had what may have been strep throat. We were told that our Blue Cross insurance would provide coverage so we completed the diagnostic and recieved a prescription. Later our statement from Blue Cross indicated that the service was not covered. A call to Blue Cross confirmed it. Whe I called CVS to complain the CVS operator said he could quickly see that that CVS location was NOT covered by Blue Cross. The physican cleary did not tell us that. We would have gone elsewhere to check on her strep throat if they would have told us the truth. The CVS operator said he could talk to the supervisor and they decided the best they could do was give us a 20% discount. This was clearly a CVS mistake but they charged us anyway. I will never go to a CVS again and I will tell anybody else that they are untrustworhty.

  • May 27, 2017

I went to this Clinic to see if I had a sinus infection. It was three people in this very little bitty room. One was a nurse practitioner in training, a nurse and someone who swabbed my mouth for a flu test. The nurse practitioner only typed my insurance information in the computer. I was only in this room for 10 minutes if that long. The nurse gave me a prescription for Tamaflu and I got in filled in the pharmacy.

When I got the bill I was blowed away! They overcharged big time! For a short visit according to the statement,(thier words) they charged me 89.00 and then charged me twice for swabbing my mouth! The entire bill was $159.00 for 10 minutes!

On the orginial bill it stated if you had a dispute with the bill to write them and send a copy of the bill. I did that and it took them over 3 weeks to respond with the same bill and no mention of my letter! I tried to call them but got put on hold for over 30 minutes until I hung up. And they had the nerve to say my bill was past due!!!

I will never ever use this clinic again and will tell everyone I know NOT to use it either. It is a rip off. I wish I had waited till the Monday to see my own doctor. This was not worth the price especially being seen by someone in "training."

  • Jun 11, 2016

The Service given, or not given as the case is, at Minute Clinic is terrible.

I am amazed that with the business practices used here, this business is able to stay in business.

My wife came in earlier today with Bronchitis, and the beginning stages of Pneumonia as was told by the Physician that saw her, they didnt have the ability to treat her condition. She was then referred to another specialist outside the Minute Clinic group of Physicians.

After spending very little time with her they were MORE THAN HAPPY to charge her a $50 Co-pay for Services Rendered. What Service?

She ended up going to another clinic which knew what to do right away upon examining her.

The only thing done at this facility with any efficiency was to have the NERVE to ask for money for DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

As we all know word of mouth is very important when running any kind of business.

Rest assured I will make sure everyone and anyone that I talk to has NOTHING to do with MINUTE CLINIC.

  • Jan 6, 2016

Went to this clinic. Was first in line. Waited half hour. Lady who examined me was a complete idiot. Said I did not need a antibiotic. Left pissed as they wasted my time and probably charged insurance for doing nothing. Went to a real doctors office and turns out, I have major ear infection. Had to be put on antibiotic immediately. Dont waste your time or money. They are complete idiots. I know more that they do. Plus I know my body.

  • Sep 2, 2015

Minute clinic has to be the biggest ripoff ! I went to the one in our hometown with what I thought was a sinus infection or head cold, I had been there once before and should've listen to myself and not went back, but my Dr. was not in, the first time I went I wanted a z-pac and the nurse practioner said that was not neccessary and prescibed amoxicillin, that was a joke, two weeks later I'm back at my regular Dr. getting a z-pac not only that but they charged me more then what my insurance said it would be and when I argued with them they said if I didn't pay it then it would be turned over to collections, unfortunately my insurance company was no help and I had to pay it.

So round two, I go in an tell the lady I do not want amoxicillin, it does not work for me, she states " I was not going to give you amoxicillin" she states I have a sinus infection and says she is giving me augmitten, (not sure of my spelling) I get ready to pay and she said that would be $25.00 I told her my ins. states since it is a retail clinic that on my card it says copay of $10.00 she says oh is that what RC stands for and and laughs, she said well then give me $10.00 and if is more they will bill you, well sure enough, I get a bill for the other $15.00, I call and get some rude person who says I need to argue with my ins. co. because they charge an office call which is 25.00 I told her unless she hasn't noticed they are a retail clinic located in a retail store, not a DR. office, she was rude and told me they have a contract mith my ins. co. and are allowed to charge that. I have not been ble to talk to my ins. co. yet but at this point I'm sure they will turn me over to collections if I don't pay.

Oh and best thing of it all? she got me again, I got home an opened up my prescription and she gave me amoxicillin! after I ask her not to and she said she wasn't going to, what she gave me was amoxicillin with other stuff added to it so she out right lied!

Lesson for the day? unless you are prepared to pay out the wah zoo, and not get treated correctly, no matter what your ins. states, do not go there!

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