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Minute Clinic

Country United States
State California
City Huntington Beach
Address 19121 Beach Blvd
Phone 714-848-1522

Minute Clinic Reviews

  • Sep 26, 2017

I was informed by my insurance caloptima prospect that this was an approved immunization clinic for the Hep A vaccine . I made an appointment.

arrived and waited for a bit.

A Nurse practioner took my insurance info and returned my ID and Insurance info to me then gave me the Hep A vaccine. She put the needle away and turned to me and requested I pay $145.00 stating that they did not accept my insurance.

I told her I had no money and she said she would have to notify her boss and I could not leave. She went on to say that I would likley be arrested for fraud.

As I waited , I called the Huntington Beach Fraud Division . and left a message.

Still waiting on their call.

I ended up paying out of pocket the requested amount for the vaccine.

Calling the insurance company on Monday to also inform them.

  • Feb 2, 2016

I went to the clinic to get medication refills for chronic psoriasis. I've been using it for years. They did not subscribe me a supy for 90 days and refused to perscribe the correct medication I've been using. They also failed to disclose that they were not going to give me more than 14 days worth of the medications and refer me to a primary care physician until after she swiped my credit card. Grossly inappropriate service quality you don't get to tell me that I have to go to a different doctor in order to get medication that I need and have been using for 15 years She also been told me but they do not treat psoriasis any longer. So I went to their website and write on the website under skin conditions it says come to us for psoriasis. So now I'm stuck with a $100 visit for only 14 days worth of medication that isn't even the medication that I need and have used and have experienced that I know works on my skin condition after going to different doctors for 15 years about it. I even told her I had recently moved to this area and that is why I did not go to a PCP.

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