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Country Hong Kong
City Central
Address 24th Floor, Lucky Building, 39 Wellington Street
Phone 852 81 75 35 71


  • Jan 16, 2018

Ming Fong is complete Fraud.

They prey on people’s desperation to get their projects funded.

They have a very nice website that tells a nice story, but that’s where its ends. Its all just a story, to be more accurate, its all a complete lie.

Ming fund is a complete fraud.

They charge 5k for due diligence, it seems reasonable, but they don’t do any real dd whatsoever.

Then they charge a bond fee, this also sounds reasonable but upon further digging the bond is complete bullshit. No litigate lender requires a bond for them to finance a project. If there is a bond, it is something they pay on their own.

Ming Fong is a complete fraud.

Once you pay the 5k and the bond, you will never hear from them again. This I can guarantee you. This is the only guarantee in the whole Ming Fong process.

They send you paperwork that upon closer examination is a complete nonsense and almost comical.

Here's the best part, I had a friend visit the office once they stopped returning my emails and their is no Ming Fong that funds projects at the address on their site. There is a real Ming Fung that deals in real estate, the real Ming Fong has been informed by the local police that there is an online scammer that is using their name to scam people, this is who you will be dealing with. The scammer who has highjacked the real Ming Fong site.

Here is what the scammer have done. They have hi jacked a legitimate business name and address and put up a site that talks about project funding and other bank services. These guys are clever, but that’s where is stops. The truth is they are criminals praying on the desperation of entrepreneurs and brokers looking to make a commission by helping their clients get projects funded.

Keep your money in pocket and don’t let these scammer take you for ride like they did my three clients.

  • Jan 26, 2019


Dear Sir: Do you have a proof that MingFong is a scam? Did you report this to the HongKong Police and the Registry of Companies? The company MingFong Finance Company Ltd. has a Hongkong Money Lender License. Did you know that? Please get back to me by email: [email protected] Regards, B. Shalla

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