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Country United States
State Oregon
City Beaverton
Address 14525 SW Millikan Way #31545
Phone 1-(888)-597-8384

Mindvalley Reviews

  • Feb 18, 2021

I was so excited to sign up for the Mind Valley Life Book Online course for $500 Dollars. They advertised, said and guaranteed we can get our money back because they wanted to get this course to as many people as possible. I completed the course and followed all directions for the refund and submitted it on time with all the requirements. send my original request for the refund on the afternoon of January 22, 2021, using the portal access that ask for me to also submit one chapter of any chapter that I had worked on.

I submitted that information well within the time period. It was only after I got no response that I tried to communicate by sending messages and trying to self refund on the site because there was no phone number. A couple of weeks later I sent the founder's assistant a email telling her my situation. When she emailed back she said she checked and my refund request was outside the time limit.

I emailed back and gave her details but I don't think she even read it because she sent back the same message. I took this course in good faith. This Company Guaranteed a refund and then kept my $500 dollars although I met all requirements for the refund.

  • May 17, 2018

I was charged $895.00 on my credit card on 3-26-2017 for the Wildfit program. THe program is all on line. Every week you change diet, learn to breathe and lose weight. I did not lose one pound after a rigorous month. I called Customer "Service" at 1-917-573-8267 in Oregon many, many, many times. The response was a recorded message that stated, "No one is here to take your call.........." I had to go out of state because of an emergency so I let the issue lie. I recently sent an email about the loss of money. I asked for a refund or a credit. The response was TOO BAD.

  • Jul 6, 2017

Placed order for product, June 28, 2015; received product 7/3/2015. Given 30-90 days to return produce.

Called Mindvalley's no. 917-573-8267; message said, "this number not accepting calls at this time." Dialed number twice, received same message.

  • Oct 12, 2015

I think Vishen Lakhiani and Mindvalley engage in discriminatory employment practices by requiring people to apply by video. If you're not a beautiful girl in her early 20's, you're wasting your time since they will probably discriminate against you. Is this how Vishen Lakhiani hides his sexuality? Is this just discrimination, sexual harrassment or what? Look at the Mindvalley website and you won't find any 55 year-old bald men, you won't see any NORMAL size women either - just stick thin model types who are probably underpaid. This looks like a very shallow company.

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