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Million Dollar Button

Country United States
State Alabama

Million Dollar Button Reviews

  • Aug 14, 2015

This company currently has an app entitled Million Dollar Button which is only available through android users. According to this states that you can win money just by simply clicking on a yellow button. This entire app is bogus and it needs to be addressed. In order for you to win any cash the indicator must land on the arrow but that's clearly not going to happen because it's TONS of people sending out complaints about the cap. NOTE: If you need verification for yourself just simply download the app. After click the button you will then be redirected to the YOU MISSED PAGE..Once this on their FACEBOOK link. That along is proof that this app is a hoax due to the INACTIVITY on their page. LOOK at the RANKINGS list also. All the names that you see are MADE UP fake names claiming that they are indeed real people. This is another example of how the Internet is being misused. Preying on the less fortunate will not be tolerated. Selling pipe dreams will not be tolerated. It's time to put an end to this madness now. Please join me in helping spread the word about this company. They need to be addressed. Thanks

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