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Miller Tire & Auto Repair

Country United States
State Florida
City Miami
Address 10697 SW 56th St
Phone 305-595-7434

Miller Tire & Auto Repair Reviews

  • Oct 8, 2015

Ive gone to this shop for years, since its just a 2 min drive from where i live. I went there on 10-4-15 to have a simple procedure done on my wheels and tires. A simple change of a valve stem to one that contains a tire pressure sensor. They went ahead and they did the first tire, tearing a slice along the sidewall of the tire. They offered to replace the 350 dollar tire with an 80 buck Chinese tire. I went ahead and ordered a pair of front tires to make both sides of the car even. They covered one out of the two new tires. They put a replacement used tire on there for temporary measure untill the new ones came in. When i get home to wash the wheels since the mechanics have hands completely covered in grease, my 2.5k dollar wheels went from hypersilver to black smudge. I look at one of them closely and its been gouged at, its missing paint, its scratched and scuffed. Now all 4 wheels need refinishing.I called the shop imidiately after the discovery and they said they will check it out and make it work out for me when i come get those previosly order tires. I get there the next day, the blame the paint and gouges on me and refuse to work on my car since they say they dont have the proper equipment to work on it. Why didnt they say this from the beginning before they destroyed my wheels. Now i have to pay 300 dollars per wheel to have it refineshed back to its original state. I took the tires to another shop down the road, they were shock at the damage done to my wheels, and the proceeded to do the job perfectly and even clean my wheels before re installing them for half the price of the other shop too.

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