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Millenium Limo

Country United States
State Florida
City Daive
Phone 954-858-8980

Millenium Limo Reviews

  • Oct 10, 2016

Was looking for a limo for my nieces sweet sixteen. Called millennium limo to inquire about quote. Was told by one of the managers, you can give us your CC # to reserve the date but we wont charge you till you actually confirm. So we provided our card #. Called back a couple days later to advise that we no longer needed their service because we found a cheaper option with another company. They turned around AND CHARGED MY CARD $500! I reversed the charge with my bank due to not having received any services. So when I called back to the company to ask WHY they charged my card, the manager stated, she was going to charge me $600 now because I did a reversal on the charge. And proceeded to charge my card again. I reversed that charge as well. HOW THE HELL can you be so deceitful and use unethical business practices?

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES! They are thieves and scam artists. Would not even recommend them to my worst enemy. Not only will I not recommend them to any potential client but sure as heck wont recommend them to family or friends. Have placed negative reviews everywhere I can so that everyone can see what a bunch of crooks these people are. How they are still in business is beyond me. There are negative reviews on YELP, THE KNOT, Pissed consumer etc. I apparantely are not the only one that has been a victim to these people. A BBB complaint has also been logged. PLEASE DO NOT USE THEM FOR ANYTHING. Save yourself the time, headache and aggravation. Do your research and homework on ANY vendor you need for your event. You may end up regretting it later if you dont. This is coming from a Certified Wedding/Event Planner. DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE!

  • Apr 20, 2016

THE WORST! Janky company! I made reservations, they didn't send the bus requested because they 'didn't think I was serious' about my reservation. They didn't have any bus to send me but CHARGED my credit card for 978 and there is a hold for 950. They will not refund me because they said I cancelled.

I made a reservation for a party bus in September. I was told that a credit card was to hold the reservation and that I could pay cash the day of.

I was not sent an email confirmation as promised until I called and emailed several times.

On October 13, I called asking if they had any larger buses. I was told that there were not any available. So I emailed to cancel my reservation. Jamie called me right back stating they there WERE indeed buses available. We switched to the larger bus. She said she would send me an email confirmation. I emailed her on the 14 stating the changes made to the reservation, that there was no cancellation, and asking to send email confirmation. I never received it.

On October 16, Jamie called me asking if I had a card on file to authorize. I told her to authorize the card on file.

October 17 was the day that the bus was to come pick us up. No bus showed up. I called and was told that no bus was coming because they didn't think I was SERIOUS about my reservation. They said that they were calling around for a bus to send me.

Meanwhile there is an authorization of $950 on my credit card. The guy I talked to said that the hold would come off. And I wouldn't be charged if no bus showed up.

No bus showed up and my credit card was CHARGED $978 AND the authorization is still pending.

I called on 10/19 and they guy I spoke with (Jamie has been nowhere to be found) told me that the charge is a cancellation. I never cancelled. No bus showed up because they didn't send a bus because they didn't think I was serious about a reservation. I have filed a dispute with Wells Fargo (my credit card provider) and filed a complaint with the BBB

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