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MileHigh Towing & Recovery, Inc.

Country United States
State Colorado
City Denver
Address 510 S Navajo St
Phone 720- 275-3634

MileHigh Towing & Recovery, Inc. Reviews

  • Oct 28, 2017

This jerk that works for this company needs to be fired, he needs to find a job where he doesn't have to deal with people, maybe work down in the sewage so he can't be seen or heard. My family member's car was towed, he started yelling at them and then hung up. I called him told him he had no right talking to them like that. He said they got attitude, which was a complete lie, HE was the jerk. He started calling me a f---- b----. Told me he doesn't have to release the car to us that he can hold it till monday (which it was friday) if he chooses to and make us pay more money. He started yelling "IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT! IS IT?!" I didnt respond, then he yelled, "THAT'S WHAT I F---- THOUGHT!!) And hung up on me.

I called him back and told him he had no right to talk to me like that, then he started calling me a f---- c---, told me to shut the f---- up and he hung up on me, a total of 3 times. He chose that job, if he can't handle it then maybe that mean person should get another job because he is just flat out disrespectful and rude. He's going to say it to the wrong person someday. Someone needs to set him straight and put him in his place. It just makes me wonder how many women he has said that to that he held their car and made them pay extra money.

I would think that would be illegal. Unless he just says that to make himself sound big when he is really just a scared little lizzard. I'm sure he will respond to this, yes after I called back the 2nd time and after being called a f---- b--- four times, telling me to shut the f--- up, calling me a f---- c--- and threatening me, yes I had a few of my own choice words for him but there is no possible way I can even find the words to describe the scumbag that he is. There is no reason why he should've disrespected us, yes my family member was late getting there, they were waiting on me, but they were keeping them informed. And it's not like that dog turd was waiting on my family member, he wasn't even there.

I'm sure he was out hiding behind his phone acting all tuff, harassing and threatening other woman (cause I'm sure he knows it wouldn't fly if he spoke to a real man that way). But he hasn't heard the last of me because his threats were uncalled for. My family member was scared he would get the address and retaliate because of all his threats and how very mean and how extremely angry and irate he was. I suggested to my family member to go down and get a restraining order, but they are too scared to do that. There is no justifiable excuse that he could possibly try and excuse his "reason" for his poor attitude.

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