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Mile-Hi Sprinklers

Country United States
State Colorado
City Denver
Address 2880 W 62nd Ave
Phone 303-450-2320

Mile-Hi Sprinklers Reviews

  • Jul 15, 2017

On 06/05 I got in touch with this company Mile Hi Sprinkler, llc 720-627-6399, located at 2880 W 62nd Ave, Denver, CO 80221 Office: 303-450-2320 Fax: (303) 280-8227 never done any business with this company before found them on The team Dave, I called them and told them we have an issue with the sprinkler system it is not working, they sent someone to check the system and said there is a leak in one of the pipes inside the house and that they will need authorization to cut through the wall and ceiling to find where the leak is happening and repair the leak, this is a rental property so I had to line up a time with the current renters to be there to give them access to the house basement for them to do the work, the company sent a plumber to inspect the main lines in the basement.

I called Amy Zink - Office Manager asking about the process and if they will check both inside the house and outside she referred me to Mike Hepp - the Mile Hi Sprinkler, llc Owner who explained to me it is hard to tell how many areas are affected or where is the problem, the plumber of Mile Hi Sprinkler, llc have to come and check the system inside the house do the repairs inside , and then send the plumber some other day to check the problem outside the house, test the whole system and confirm everything is fixed as it should. The plumber came on 06/15 to check the system and fixed a leak inside the house then he left. the Following day I called Amy Zink - Office Manager and asked her when would the plumber be available to check the outside of the house and finish the work as agrred upon with the owner Mike Hepp , Amy Zink - Office Manager said I don't know yet we are very busy this week and next week but it is possible we will send him back not this Saturday but the following Saturday on 06/24/2017, I told Amy Zink - Office Manager no worries please give me a call and confirm the day and time before you send over the plumber because I have renters in the house an I need to give them at least 24 Hours prior notice.

I waited from 06/15 until 07/13 when I called the company back Mile Hi Sprinkler, llc 720-627-6399 and I talked with Amy Zink - Office Manager and I told her what is going on, I have not heard back from you for almost a month what is the status of the 2nd visit for the outside of the house for the plumber to inspect the system outside, she said everything has been completed and we sent you an invoice already which was a lie because I have not got any emails or any notifications from the company Mile Hi Sprinkler, llc , I have not received any invoices from this company I have not received any phone calls for the follow up on the outside visit to fix or test the outside system , when I explained that to Amy Zink - Office Manager who then started to be mean and rude in her replies and talk over you and cut you off arguing with me and twisting her words over and over that the work is complete and there is nothing needs to be done, I requested to talk with Mike Hepp - the Mile Hi Sprinkler, llc Owner but Amy Zink - Office Manager trying hard to hide the truth Amy Zink - Office Manager told me Mike Hepp is busy now he can't come to the phone. I gave her my phone number and I asked her for him to give me a call back so I can discuss the situation with him.

I still did not get any phone calls from this company Mile Hi Sprinkler, llc 720-627-6399 so I called them back on 07/14/2017 but unfortunately the same mean rude lady Amy Zink - Office Manager answered the phone I talked with her and told her I didn't get a call back from Mike Hepp - the Mile Hi Sprinkler, llc Owner,Amy Zink said sorry about that but Mike Hepp have a family emergency and could not make any phone calls..I told Amy Zink - Office Manager I talked with the renters and they said someone showed up on Saturday 06/24 at the house without any phone calls or any prior notifications as I requested and without any prior notice so the renter told them to come back some other time after they arrange with me no work been done on the outside of the house no testing been done or communication took place since that day 06/15/2017...Amy Zink - Office Manager starts being very rude and racist towards me and said oh you might be able to do that in your country but not here in the US ( I am thinking to myself wow what country are you talking about I am from the US? Since when people and legal businesses have the right to talk to their clients and people in that manner? that is so disrespectful. We the people consumers of United States of America. have consumer rights and consumer protection law that provides a way for individuals like me to fight back against abusive business practices from companies like Mile Hi Sprinkler, llc 720-627-6399 from people like Amy Zink - Office Manager . These laws are designed to hold these companies like Mile Hi Sprinkler, llc services accountable when they seek to profit by taking advantage of a consumer's lack of information or dignity.

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