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Mile Hi Aeration

Country United States
State Colorado
City Denver
Address 2418 W Evans Ave
Phone (303) 778-1000

Mile Hi Aeration Reviews

  • Oct 24, 2017

Bad Company

This company charged me a pretty penny to do aeration with fertalizer in my front and back yard. We were home when the company arrived. They did the front yard aeration and left. I called and explained we paid for fertilization AND aeration in our front AND back yard. The woman on the phone first tried to tell me that the front and back were completed by the staff. When I explained that we were home and no aeration was done in the back, she then went on to say that she reviewed our account and apparently our account didn’t get the package to cover front and back yard aeration. I paid over $100

to get a good lesson to never use these scam artists again. This happened a few seasons ago but just was looking for a reputable company and found this page and decided to at last do what I said I would and share my experience.

  • May 23, 2017

FYI I have had thease services done many times from many companies of over the 14 years Ive lived in my house, I know what to exspect. I had 2 services schedualed that I schedualed on their site. First one for a duct cleaning for up to 10 vents for $80. Second service and couples days later for lawn plug aeriation, liquid aeriation, fertilizer and over seeding $118. I got and email shortly after confirming my appointment and the services and cost I was asking for, with dates of services. The first was for duct cleaning. I just wanted my ducts cleaned nothing else thats what i signed up for cost $79 for 10 ducts. He got here spent more time going through trying to sell me more than what i wanted and signed up for if I wanted more I would of signed up for more. Explaining to me that I was getting $300 worth of service for $80. I optted out of everything he was selling and just wanted my vents cleaned. He went out to his little old suv jeep charokee jepulled out a shop vacuum, a dryer vent brush and step stool ladder. 5 of the vents are all conected to 1 very large duct vent in my hall. He decided that he only needed to take off one vent cover put a dryer vent bruch in there pull it in and out a couple times and vacuum it a little, done put the cover back on. Charged me $80 for that. I know my vents you have to take each cover off and clean them and brush from all rooms. They may all be one vent but there are corners to each one he didnt even get or see the other vents. Called they appoligized and said they would take care of it. Then my next service was for a lawn plug aeriation, liquid aeriation, fertilizer, and over seeding. Pulled up in a little old suv nissan exterra with a little trailer with the aeriation machine on it thats it. I met him at the gate and I confirmed what he was going to do he said yeap. He aeriated with the machine making plugs, tore up my yard, the machine was bigger than he was and throwing him around. I then saw hime take a baggie the size of a sandwhich bag full of seed and he seeded the bold spots in my lawn, umm thats not over seeding, where is your seeder layer!!! He then put on a gas powered unit with some liquid in it and sprayed my lawn was done. So Im thingking eaither that was the fertilizer or the liquid aerication so i missing one of them and the over seed. He was done asked if I wanted to pay I aid no Id call and did that right away. Spoke to a lady she informed me he was one of the best and assured me I got everything. Said that everything including the seed was in the gas powered pack. I said so you mean to tell me everyone gets the same service as I got. I dont think so. She said no first it was the have different containers I said really i was out there he didn not have seperate conatiners. Then it was he fills it up for your lawn and fills it up for the next. I said I did see him a my hose water to add water to what he had in there and he did not use it all on my yard. So was i jipped then on not getting all the liquid sprayed on my yard or does the next yard get the same service?!?! She then changed the subject and proceded to tell me I got everything. I asked to talk to a manager, she then was very rude and tranfered me. The manager proceded to tell me the same load of bull then confirmed that I did not get liquid aeriation because i did not ask for it. I said I did and i have the email as proof of what I was to get. She said sorry that because i signed up online it doesnt send them the same list I shoud of called and confirmed, so it was my fault. I said I did confirm when I asked him when he got here and I have the email to confirm. She said well thats not what she has sorry. Not to say we will be right back to take care of that for you, no proceded to then tell me give it weeks and see and talked to me like I was a child, Like i do not know how to care for my lawn or what to exspect. I own my own business and work from home.... So im sure i still get a bill and charged for service I didnt get. I will see them in court along with the 100 others that have the same complaints!!!

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