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Mike Aders

Country United States
State Virginia
City Norfolk
Phone 757-943-7398

Mike Aders Reviews

  • Feb 2, 2019

Mike Anders aka Ray

Yes..I fell for his scam too. Searched his phone number and found his name Michael Thomas Anders and his girlfriend is Crystal Bullock. You can find the on Facebook and if you search on Rip off report you will see that he has been doing this for quite awhile from selling fake watches, installing ac units car repair and the lisy goes on. Also has a record. Sorry that you both had to go through this also.Someone has to stop him.

  • Sep 27, 2017

I called him to fix my alternator. He shows up with a girl. Claims he can take it off and rebuild it in an hour. Price was okay so I gave him the job. He showed me some small parts and showed me where they were burnt. Told me to charge battery and it should be good, battery light would go off. I did that drove car and battery died. I charged it again and took the battery to have it checked. It was bad, so I came home texted him to see if he could get a battery. He said yeah for 70.00 he could get a new one. He brings that over this morning and it is a side post. He installs it and says all lights are off. I had told his girl I was going out of town so he makes a show to make sure everything is topped off. I get in car he says come here look at this, shows me to ad some water. He jumps in car cranks it says yeah its good. I paid him yesterday 125.00 for alternator and 100.00 today, total $225.00. He leaves I ran in house and back out. Cranked car and not only have I got one light on I now have two battery lights on. Go to Auto Zone battery is dead, to dead to check alternator. Buy another battery cause like I said he changed it to side post and the ground screw was missing. Check alternator, it is bad. So I knew I had been ripped off. Texting him whole time and nothing back. Go to alternator shop that he claimed he bought rebuild kit from and they say no they hadnt sold no rebuild kits and my alternator was never touched. So Paid them to fix it. Still nothing from Dude. He told me his name was Shawn I thought. Ran his phone number and bam he has been doing this for years. Wished I had thought and ran his number first. I will be contacting police in morning. Interesting to see how many names he has gone by and if anyone has his correct name, that would be very helpful.

  • Aug 15, 2018

I can help

I've been ripped off by him oo. I can help with his social and birthday if you would like to press charges emaile [email protected]

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  • Mar 7, 2019


I know where he lives

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