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Mike's Mobile RV Repairs

Country United States
State Utah
City Salt Lake City
Phone 801-560-9900

Mike's Mobile RV Repairs Reviews

  • Mar 7, 2016

This guys is definitely a rip off. He took our camper to his shop in Denton and kept it for weeks. He promised it would only be a few days to fix the slide out and he kept if for weeks. When we went to pick it up finally the slide out was not repaired, it was working exactly as it had been when we dropped it off, only he had tore the wooden box under the sofa out. When we asked about the box, he said "Look, I put some velcro on the frame so you can just attach some fabric to it". He appeared quite proud of the awful job he had done!!!! He kept some of our camping supplies from our camper and did not return them as he promised he would. Three thousand dollars later I am so sorry that I didn't pay attention to the reviews I read on line. DO NOT USE THIS GUY!!!!

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