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Miele Electric/Power II LLC

Country United States
State Connecticut
City Waterbury
Address 137 Bunker Hill Ave
Phone 203.565.6337

Miele Electric/Power II LLC Reviews

  • Aug 31, 2015

Miele Electric/Power II LLC.

Those seeking to contract an electrician in the Waterbury/New Haven, Connecticut area would be wise to steer clear of Carl M. Miele of Miele Electric/Power II LLC. Entering into any kind of business arrangement with this ill-tempered serial litigant could end up costing unsuspecting consumers thousands more than the bill he presents for services rendered.

A simple search of civil and small claims court records in the Waterbury, New Haven and Hartford judicial districts reveals an alarming number of lawsuits that Miele has brought against his customers and vise versa. Miele is a well known face in the courtroom and has learned how to game the system to his advantage.

An estimate from Mr. Miele may sound appealing, but once you are locked in to a contract, it soon becomes clear that the original quote is merely a down payment to months of misery as Miele drags you into court and seeks to collect on hidden costs and expenditures that you never agreed to.

Unlike others in his profession, Miele has no interest in establishing a rapport with his clientele based on mutual respect and quality of workmanship. To the contrary, Miele is looking to make the most money out of every project even at the risk of leaving the job on bad terms. Is it any wonder that the motto on his Linkedin (professional networking website) page reads: “Lighting up the world and making money.”

Once you open your door to Mr. Miele, he will immediately look for ways to cut corners. Hiring unqualified workers at a low wage is one way he ups his profit margin. In 2004, the State of Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection found Miele “guilty of causing electrical work to be performed by unlicensed people, performing incompetent and negligent work, and five code violations.” As a result, Miele was fined $20,500.00 and his E-1 electrical license was revoked.

Keeping quality workers in Miele’s employ is difficult because of his ill-mannered demeanor towards others. On the job site, Miele has a reputation for being loud and obnoxious and has no tact when chastising his employees. Profanity and shouting matches are common and have disrupted the day to day activities of households and businesses where Miele and his crew set up shop.

It cannot be denied that much of Miele’s anger stems from an out-of-control drinking problem. Both customers and employees alike have complained about smelling alcohol on his breath as early as the beginning of the work day. By days end, things get real ugly. In addition to making a bad impression on the job, Miele has also established himself as a violent, irresponsible drinker among those in his community. Public records clearly show a history of assault, resisting arrest and drunk driving convictions between 2002 and 2009.

Miele's has been in trouble civilly, criminally and professionally. Knowing this, it should be clear that those who invite this troubled man into their lives are only inviting trouble for themselves.

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