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Midas Touch Estate Sales

Country United States
State Missouri
City Saint. Louis
Address 11662 Gravois Rd #270393
Phone 314-413-2491

Midas Touch Estate Sales Reviews

  • Sep 3, 2016

Please, please, do not use Midas Touch Estate Sales Inc.

Tuesday was a nighmare. I trusted Midas to help sell my household irtems. Midas, Twayla owner, assured me that her auction co was known for drawing a crowd and satisfying the financial amout for the client and comapny. (prior to the auction, Twyala and I talked about the value of my major items, especially my art work, custom blue chairs antique dinning set and pagent wear.) After agreeing to allow Midas to conduct my auction, unfortunate episodes occureed. Prior to the sale Twayla cancelled twice, which cost me addiontal money because my contractors had to be reshedueled.

The day of the auction she showed up an hour late. She encourge me to leave the premises. Once the Auction begin I receieved a call from my next door neighbor syaing the actioneer was giving my items away at little to no cost. I dashed home and found my home in total disaster. I was horrified, totally upset and angry at Twayla, the owner of Midas Touch Estate, Inc. She had literally given away my household goods to people she knew. My 6 custom chairs valued at $1500 sold for $10 At 60/40% I will recieve $6 for 6 chairs $1 each. My custom framed art work sold for 5 for $5 and 3 for $5. My $1500 refrigerator sold for $50. My jewelry and handbags (Juicy Couture, Louis Vuitton, Ed Hardy, Liz Clairbone, MCM) sold for $5 grouped togeter. My bedroom set sold for $10 love set and sofa sold for $5 each. Custom rug sold for $5.00 Pageant gown, mostly with tags on them sold for pennies on the dollar.

An attendee told me that my sale was not advertised on all the promised sites. Twayla held an auction the day before at a drity, smelly home with unattractive inexpensive items that sold for more and other people of color had similar experiences. Many attendees felt guilty and apologized, ask if I wanted to re-purchase the items and they said they had never seen any of Midas items sale so low. (after I oberved the crowd, it was evident that she had not promoted my home auction. I felt prosituted and ripped off by a racist, Twayla!

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