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Mid-Ark Utilities & Rig Service

Country United States
State Arkansas
City Quitman
Address 2095 Goff Rd
Phone 501-556-4407

Mid-Ark Utilities & Rig Service Reviews

  • Oct 27, 2016

A copy of my most recent email to the employer should do, it's all self evident: "these are highly unethical actions, none of them in good faith:

A) you book the trucks from under me - depriving me of income

B) you cut off access to my loadboards

C) you with-held my last weeks pay

You never informed me of any of the above - am i to guess what you would or whould not do, obviously very unethical and a pure fraud - so far.

I brought you fedex which has an annual revenue of $1.61 billion, and if you were capable to book only 1% of that you would have $1,6 million of revenue - you took that for granted. i may be forced to contact all the brokers i worked with of your operating practices and your abuse.

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