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Michele Bermel

Country United States
State New York
City Chappaqua
Address 39 Garden Ridge
Phone 914-238-0320

Michele Bermel Reviews

  • Aug 13, 2016

Piece of garbage

She frequently lies to the Court.

She does not care about the best interests of children.

She abuses the legal system.

Disgusting excuse for a human being!

  • May 10, 2016

I understand why provisions are in place that will not allow for an easy removal of law guardian. The husband wouldn't like her/him if he feels he/she sides with the wife and vice versa. At the same time, there should be more channels of awareness to the actions and inactions of law guardians as a whole. In my opinion, a law guardian should be held to a higher standard as they are representing children who are not only vulnerable because of their age but also as they are going through the many transitions of divorce. Ms. Bermel should lose her license for what she has done and I am going to dedicate myself to have that happen. I fuly intend to re-open a filing with the ethics committee in an attempt to spare others - in partiular children - from her wrath. I also intend to lobby for higher standards in law guardianship to include harsh punishments for those abusing authority of their role in their representation of children. Protector versus prey. Bermel is not a protector. She is a shamefull disgrace.

I truly don't know where to start with Bermel. She was the law guardian for our children during a three year divorce. In a nutshell:

1) Bermel intentionally misrepresented and actively manipulated our children throughout the processs. One of my daughters felt so little trust for her she secretly taped a session.

2) Bermel did not advocate in the best interests of our children. As an example, we had a full psychiatric evauation scheduleed for our daughter after many months of my ex unnessarily lentthening the start of the process. We had agreed to the evaluation in Bermel's office with Bermel. At the last minute and after he and I had spent approx. 1K meeting with the psychiatrist he decided on in-network only when he had many thousands in the bank and had agreed in Bermel's presence to the use of thiis particular psychiatrist for our daughter. Ms. Bermel allowed for his whim. Rather than utilize the authority of her role to advocate for our childr's needs she simply responded "Be that as it may". It took almost two full years longer for my husband to once again agree to a full evaulation. By then, our daugher's behavior spirlals had become severe.

2) Ms. Bermel blatantly lied and misrepresented my children multiple times on the record during conference in an effort to aid ex-husband and his attorney to gain an unwarranted custody change. It was proven that my ex-husband, his lawyer and Ms. Bermel all lied and a Judge violated my constitutional rights by basing a custody change in whole or in part on their lies and misrepresentations. It was subsequently over-ruled with custody reverted back. While the wrongdoings came to light, Bermel barely got a slap on the hand. That woman could have completely changed my childrens liives. My children are counting on her representation of them being true and accurate as is a judge.

3) Ms. Bermel would wait 5-6 months to send a bill - plenty of time for a client to lose track. Then she will threaten if not paid within 10 days. Myself and my lawyer repeatedly requested more frequent billing. Ms. Bermel refused to comply. She would charge plenty of time to "reading and reviewing" emails - yet routinely forego interjecting any response or provide voice on our children's behalf. With the continual lack of response I find it highly unlikely she read the emails she was charging to read. WATCH HER BILLS.

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