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Michael Perry

Country United States
State Massachusetts
City Hyannis
Address Connemara circle

Michael Perry Reviews

  • Oct 16, 2020

Michael messaged me on FB one day claiming to be a police officer and told me he was 27. He was interested in chatting and eventually dating. We talked for approximately 3 months and met up several times. During the time I spoke to him I did not really take him seriously, and so I was talking to other men at the same time. I made it clear to him that I was not interested in being his girlfriend at the moment. Some red flags came up during the time we talked, which is why I didn’t take him seriously. I also did not find him particularly attractive. He is tall, overweight and black and has a huge forehead If you want some identifying info.

He told me that he was part middle eastern, which was kind of laughable because he clearly looks black so there was one. Then he told me he was a police officer but went to school at Harvard ,but quit his job in finance where he made hundreds of thousands of dollars to be a cop. That was red flag number two. He had a badge and gun however. He also had lights on his Subaru, like an undercover . However there usually aren’t undercover Subaru’s lol! Anyways, this guy tried to con me out of like 7 grand. The whole time I was speaking to him he is very condescending, I really grew to dislike him. He was always asking me what I’m doing with my life and one day he asked me how much money I had in the bank and told me that he has a million dollars saved up from his finance job .

He was telling me one day condescendingly, after I told him that I had 50,000 saved that I should invest my money and be making some sort of passive income. I started to believe that he was younger than the age he told me (27) because he found it particularly hard to believe that I had saved up 50,000 which isn’t a ridiculous amount for someone in their early to mid 30s who has worked hard.

He then suggests that his friend, Clark Sullivan who was training to be a cop but had a dump run business and small used car business (not really a business at all though), knows how to fix up cars and sell them at auctions and suggested I invest some money with Clark so that he could do this and I would make a profit. I knew it was a bad idea to do this but I sort of strung him and his friend along to prove to myself what I sort of knew all along , that he was a con artist. I also thought, maybe I can even get him caught. I also thought maybe he should have a taste of his own medicine. I had him take me out to dinners, buy me some clothes etc once I realized I was talking to a wanna be con. I met with him and his friend a few times and acted like I was interested in doing this investment with the car. When I finally told michael that I changed my mind he became very angry. I decided to go down the police station and ask about him. I found out that he has a criminal record. I also contacted his ex girlfriend kemesha Williams and while she wasn’t really too helpful, she did warn me to stay away from him and that he lies about everything. The police were interested in michael once I told them he had a gun. They told me he was not a police officer.

Months later I saw his name in the paper, the Lowell sun. He had been arrested for dragging a woman with his car after getting into an argument with her about her suspecting he was not a police officer. The Lowell sun also confirmed in that article he is not a police officer. He is also younger than he told me, he is 23 and not 27. Black people can easily lie about their age since they age very well. He is pretty intelligent, I will give him that. If I wasn’t as suspicious and a little dumber I could have fell for the con. I just wanted to put this out there for other women who might not be so lucky. The article about him in the Lowell sun is here : Unfortunately, it says in the article that the charges against him were dropped. I spoke to the police and they told me that was because the victim was afraid to testify, possibly because of her own criminal record and possibly because she was afraid of this guy. He was never a cop, just a pathetic mall cop lol! Going around sexually harassing women. I am so disgusted that I even was speaking to this guy. Anyways I thought I would put this out there for other people to see what a lowlife this guy is so that others can be warned.

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