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Michael J Nolan

Country United States
State North Carolina
City Wake Forest
Address 1129 Fanning Drive
Phone 919-609-9998

Michael J Nolan Reviews

  • Mar 13, 2021

Michael Nolan helped me start up a new business. He was once a CPA and is now a Raleigh business broker. BEWARE! He has hidden behind faces and has taken my business by force. He has gained his wealth by false pretenses, so he feels he can intimidate people by hiring lawyers to do so. He has taken my initial investment of $50,000, along with much more, and is using the business as his own personal property. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS GUY! He will turn your life upside down and won't think twice about it. He has a history of fraud!

He has multiple businesses that he works from..none are in his name, but he treats them all as if he is the owner.

He and his wife took my capital investment along with much more and now are claiming I was an employee. He and his wife have forged documents and sent them to all merchant business accounts and managed to kick me out of every account that pertains to MY business. This guy is good and he has no conscience about his behavior. I don't want anybody else to get mixed up with this guy. He is good at manipulating the books, and he will take anything that doesn't belong to him.

Empire Brokers in Raleigh

Empire Strategic Advisors out of Tennesse

NC Business Tools

These are just a few of his businesses he works under.

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