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Miami Superhero

Country United States
State Florida
City Miami
Phone 786-220-5686

Miami Superhero Reviews

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  • Oct 27, 2015

I hired a character from MIAMI SUPERHERO.COM for my son's 4th bday party and had a HORIBBLE experience. The party was from 2-4 and he showed up at 4:30. He was supposed to be there at 2:45. From 3:00-3:30 they kept telling me he was five minutes away!!Eventually the owner called and YELLED at me bc I said I wasn't paying. I couldn't break my son's heart so I paid. By the time he got there, half the kids were gone and we had to take the remaining kids to the parking lot to meet him. They also go by name of The Party Character Entertainment. They are run by a man named Sean and a woman named Cher. Additionally, the character refused to get dressed until I paid him in cash.

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  • Oct 22, 2018

The owner, Sean, is the most unprofessional Person I have ever dealt with. He was aggressive and insulting over the phone. I’ve never had such a strange and shaking interaction with a vendor before. Definitely anger management issues or something to that effect.

  • Jul 18, 2018

Sean the owner of this company is extremely rude and unprofessional. I spoke back to him in June, 2018 regarding an LED Robot I wanted to rent for my wedding in January. He sent me a link with information on how to book it and explained he would provide the DJ with a CD the day of the wedding where the robot would dance too. When I spoke to him he had a "strong attitude” but I decided to ignore it because he was the most affordable. In July I text him to remind him that we had spoken and that I wanted to inquire about the CD and asked if we could pick the music we wanted for the Robots performance. His reply to me was that he was teaching a martial arts class and couldn’t talk to me right now. He then calls me right away and tells me again that he’s in a martial arts class but that he sent me the information to book and that’s it’s very easy and that he couldn’t talk right now. I told him not a problem we can speak tomorrow morning. He then tells me that he can’t talk tomorrow because he’s leaving to PR and and needs to pack but that again he sent me the information and that it’s very easy to fill out ( says it with a disgusting and condescending tone). After talking to him for 5 minutes and listening to him blow smoke up his own a** , I simply said listen don’t worry about it and hung up! He then starts harassing me by texting me saying that if I’m offensed or sensitive he doesn’t work with clients like that because it’s too dramatic and telling me that I have anger issues. Well I had to block him because he wouldn’t stop text messaging me and harrasing me. I honestly don’t know how this man is making a living or has any customer with his unprofessional manner. Well, I guess that’s why they say "you get what you pay for”. I rather pay triple than deal with such a disgusting and rude person. STAY AWAY PEOPLE!!

  • Mar 28, 2017

I called the phone number from their website and spoke to the most unprofessional, self-centered, arrogant person. In the first two minutes of our phone conversation he told me” I can only talk to you for 2 minutes, I really don’t have time to talk to people, and I don’t have time for little parties…I book real parties.” Honestly, for a second I forgot that I was leaving in America.

He has never asked me one question about the party including how big it’s going to be (200 people). What makes this story truly sad is that the person I spoke to was the owner.

In addition, his website devotes almost 1/2 page addressing negative reviews on the internet. And when I say addressing them, I mean completely denying the fact they exist. He refers to reviewers as “competitors” whose “evil hate causes them to be fraudulent” ...and NO, I am not kidding. This arrogant guy is for real…if you don’t believe me just give him a call- (consider yourself warned).

Do yourself a favor, do your community a favor - give your business to other local entertainment companies who will appreciate you as a customer.

  • Dec 12, 2016

Saved by the Bell

I was saved by the grace of God. I attempted to book services from this company, I requested a face painter and a Character duo of Transformers for my son's B'Day party, Cher the sales rep seemed very professional and was very pleasant. She gave me a quote for 2 hrs of service, since the party would be held at my son's school and time was a factor considering 27 kids, I called back to inquire if the characters (not the face painter) could do 1 and 1/2 hrs instead of 2hrs and as such what would the price difference be. Cher advised she would call back with an answer, Cher spoke to her boss and informed me 2 days later that he will be calling me to discuss same, after 5 business days of waiting for a response I finally was able to speak to the Owner who was out the gate the very rudest person I have ever encountered. He told me that "cry babies he does not have time for, so no money, no honey" I was shocked and said I had no idea what he was talking about. He proceed to inform me that I only wanted to pay $500 for a $600 service and he had no time for me, at that time I told him he was rude and not only that, but misinformed.

Believe it or not I was threatened by text that he will post on his site and his 600 blog my number and name along with the comment and I quote " saying how awful you are"

I am overjoyed I was spared spending my money with this company and I hope others find my experience useful ,,PLEASE do not use this individual's company for your event ....the performers may themselves be very Awesome individuals ...but we have to be careful who and what we support.

  • Nov 22, 2016

Parents beware!! This company ruined my 4 year old's birthday party and stole $175.00 from us. Hard to believe that there are companies like this out there that cater to children's events. We had a booking with another agency for a superhero character which cancelled on us last minute. We found on line and based on the user reviews, which I now think are phony, decided call and see if they have someone available for that afternoon. They told us that they have someone and they could be there at the time we needed which was 4:00PM. At 5:00PM the guy arrived, 1/2 hour before the party ended and with many guests already leaving. He demanded we meet him in the parking lot across from the park where the party was and wanted full cash payment up front for 1/2 hour show instead of the full hour he was supposed to perform. On top of that he was very rude and confrontational. Reluctantly we paid him the $175.00 even though it was for only a half hour and in spite of his crude behavior towards us. Our son was really looking forward to Spider-Man showing up at his party so we weren't going to let him down. As soon as we handed him the money his demeanor changed from bad to horrible. My wife and I were stunned by how disgusting this guy was, cursing, raising his voice etc. the guy basically looked like he was on drugs. This is not someone we wanted anywhere near our kids and our friends kids. We immediately told him that we were not interested in him doing the show and demanded our money back. He told us there is no money back because he drove out there and wasted his time, got out of his uniform, which was torn at the seams in several places and got in his car and drove off with our money cursing and yelling. Yes folks, we were robbed by Spider-Man, in broad daylight, out side of our 4 y'o birthday party. Our son was very sad that spidy never showed up and we are enraged that people like this are out there interacting with children. This person should be no where near children and I wouldn't be surprised if he has a criminal record that reflects his behavior. Miami superheroes is not answering our complaint and no one other than the receptionist answers the phone. This was a nightmare that no parent should go through.

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