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Country United States
State Colorado
City Denver
Address 4455 E 12th Ave
Phone 1 303-504-6500

MHCD Reviews

  • Jul 14, 2020

This event took place in May 2019:

Hey Janice,

That was cute trying to thwart me in getting my stuff handled. I know you only canceled my services out of reprisal because I chose to complain to your boss about your shitty work ethic and trying to sweep my complaints under the rug.

Now everybody out here is going to know what you did. And for the people who don't know whats going on let me explain. Im a felon on Probation right now and am working to get services set up for MH so I can remain in compliance with the court and also get my situation handled so I can move on with my life. I don't personally want to be in therapy and only want to handle court stuff but, its court that forces me to be here. So Im here to do what I have to do.

I came to MHCD to do just that and only got treated like sh*t from the intake assessor to the the therapist who I had setup services with. I made complaints about the mistreatment to Janice and several other people only to have it go unaddressed for three weeks. I finally got ahold of Joe the director of MHCD who finally dealt with my complaints and assured me everything would be handled. Less than two days after that call, I get dropped because Janice cant handle being usurped, reported or more specifically held accountable.

And the following Monday when I have to meet Probation, I get threatened with being dragged into court and arrested for "violating" probation for simply exercising my rights to make grievances and state my opinion clearly. I made it clear I don't want to be in therapy, Im here only to take care of my court s**t. That in no way f**king entails anything about not being "compliant." And yet, Im the one that gets blamed.

Because this stupid f**king b***h decided to try and get even because she couldn't handle what someone had to say about her. Well, heres where your sh*t ended up! Sorry not sorry!

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