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Metropolitan Property Management, LLC.

Country United States
State Tennessee
City Nashville
Address 1900 Wedgewood Avenue
Phone 615.915.3204

Metropolitan Property Management, LLC. Reviews

  • Sep 11, 2017

I need to let people know how it is to buy into this community of East Haven Townhomes. It took me a long time to be able to buy, but this was the biggest mistake I made.

I bought a Unit on April 14 2016. The day I was moving in, while my little service dog was in my driveway eating a bone, I heard enormously hard knocking on the glass door, thought the glas would break.

I am a decorator, proud homeowner who took very good care of it.

I open the door these 2 "n**i s/Gestapo" living in the community said in a very loud, mean tone "Your dog needs to be on the Leash".... this was my 1st interaction with homeowners, and the beginning of the end. I didn t even move in yet!!

Then, since I am a widow, I was renting out a room. I was told I could not rent out my UNIT which I was not. This was my residence, but I guess, even you own your own home, you are not allowed to have guests over. Even though I went to a lawyer who wrote a letter and totally agreed with me, I was fined $1500.00 by the HOA.

From then on they make pictures, harrass you, try to find anything to complain about. This is a retirement community where I guess they are so bored, trying to make other peoples life miserable.

You are not allowed to have a party that goes after 9:00pm. One night, like 1:00am in the morning, I heard a loud noise from a truck. I go over and see a towing truck. Walk over there and the man asks is that your car. No, it is not. I said why are you towing at 1:00am in the morning. The HOA instructed to have a car towed who belonged to one of the owners, only because the license plate was expired!!!! Isn t this between the owner and the DMV?/Police? When I brought this up in the meeting, they didn t want to answer my question.

My neighbor started a new job and had a brand new company car. She received a letter the car could not be parked in the parkinglot, "the HOA didn t like the car". When this came up in the HOA meeting, with also 2 girls sunbathing half in the garage and in front in a normal bathingsuit, I asked that means if someone sells their UNIT the car needs to be approved before they can Buy???

Why can t these girls sunbathe.... Well, they send me out of the meeting.

So on so on. This is a total "n**i" Community, and unbearable to live. I left November 1st, renting out the full UNIT, which is only allowed 3 months at the time, which I did. This year I decided to sell it, didn t want to have anything to do anymore with that kind of an environment.

Well, even though I had not lived there since last year November, closing on Unit this year September 1st, I receive a letter that I would be fined since my garbage cans were not in the right place!! What?? I havent touched them since last year November, and no one lived there since August 1st.!!! I ask you, is this a set up?? For me, I had to laugh though since I have my check from the sale in my hand, and they can t do nothing anymore. I wish the new owners and anybody buying there good luck. Remember, I put a warning on this site about this community.

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