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Country United States
State Georgia
City 404-843-2500
Address 5775-D Glenridge Drive, Second Floor
Phone (404) 843-2500
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  • Oct 7, 2016

I would like to inform everyone thinking to work with Takisha Wood that she has deceptively ripped me and my client out of thousands! Me and Takisha Wood had a partnership that if I refer my clients to her that we would split the deal 50/50 even on financed deals to get paid on the backend because I paid for the marketing which cost me $680 dollars to market to a special list asking owners if they are interested in selling there home because I wanted to buy it. (I am a cash investor/Wholesaler) The deal was if the deal did not fit my standards or the seller was more interested in a retail sale I would refer them to Takisha Wood a real estate agent so I trusted her. She would normally take my deal and list it for sale I have proof of deals that she still has no owners signature to list agreement for sale. I am simply a whistle blower for her deceptive ways to her clients and partners. I can also have you call the owner of a recent deal that closed and show text messages of the owner pissed off do to untold information and being forced to close with information he was unaware of. I advise any owner looking to sell to bare this information when dealing with her. She is very greedy and deceptive I referred her the biggest deal of her career totaling a $20 Thousand in commissions and even tho she lied to me and told me all type of bogus fees to lower our original agreement I was not greedy I said I will accept $3000 do to the fact I paid for the marketing and referred the deal and she did the work. Deal Closed on Sep 29th I send a email to Takisha Wood Sep 30th with wiring instructions for my referral fee of $3000 now Takisha Wood calls and starts talking very aggressive with vulgar language saying im not paying you a Mother F-ing thing and im now blocking your number. I was so surprised! I could not believe this was the same person that cried and begged me over the phone for this deal and I gave her a chance and now she is acting BRAND NEW. I am no longer fooled by her snake ways trying to play nice but doesn't care about real people. I WILL NO LONGER DO ANY BUSINESS WITH HER I WOULD STAY FAR AWAY!

Pictures show a small snippet of how she talks about her clients behind your back.

Please view how vulgar she is talking about my client and this guy is very understand and easy to work with guy until he found out how he was getting ripped off at closing.

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