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Country United States
State California
City Beverly Hills
Address Crescent Drive
Phone 1-800-799-7233

MeTooNoMore Reviews

  • Jun 26, 2018

On May 9th 2018, Beverly Hills detective Mark Schwartz arrived at the early morning hours of David Alan Berger’s home for questioning in regards to sexual assault done on me. Because David Berger is a prosecutor, he may get away with this. David is a married man. On May 6th, I went to lunch with David at the Cut restaurant after he invited me during our meeting at his office in LAX court on May 4th. David Berger was supposed to be focused on helping me put closure to a fraud I was the victim of since 2014. Instead, David Berger was only interested in me for his own sexually devious intentions. On that afternoon, he put his hand on my right thigh under the table for a long time and asked me to join him at his room at the Beverly Wilshire hotel. His hand remained on my thigh for more than 8 minutes. I moved back, at first, and he kept his hand on my thigh. I was very uncomfortable with it and he kept trying to make conversation about past cases he has been able to win.

I glared at him and asked him to please stop touching me to let him know to stop. During the conversation, he slid his hand all the way up past my underwear. I pushed his hand away finally and he aggressively accused me of playing "hard to get.” I stood up at that point, there were at least three different people at the Cut restaurant looking at me and him. I was embarrassed and shocked that he was behaving this way towards me. He raised his voice in a harsh whisper to tell me to sit down then saying to me: "Don’t forget who I am and what I can do for you.” I began to cry at that point and more people began to look at us.

When I sat back down, he put his hand on my left knee and began moving his hand back and forth in a slow shaking motion to try to make me go with him to his hotel room. I told him I had to go home after promising to him I would call him the next day. I am humiliated now because this man, David Berger, was the only man I was able to rely upon to help me find justice against the fraud done against me. I was picked up in an uber that I ordered. Instead of going home that evening, I went to the Beverly Hills police station to make a report with the desk officer. It was not until May 9th that a detective arrived to speak with David Berger I was told. David Berger was able to avoid an arrest due to his position with the city. Detective Schwartz notified me afterwards that he had finished questioning David Berger and that he would be in contact with me, except I am not certain any resolution will be made. Now I am in constant fear with no outlet to turn to since I know Detective Schwartz and David Berger work closely together.

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