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Country United States
State Alabama

Metaevol Reviews

  • Jul 10, 2017

Jonathan was referred to us by a man who claimed he was great with metal work. The job was to build a addition to my warehouse which included the entire structure. Jonathan appeared to be a nice man and anxious to do the job. He priced the job for us and said he needed some money up front to purchase materials. We gave him half of the money which was, $3,600 cash. He said he would be back the following Monday to start the job because he had to finalize the one was working on at the time.

Monday comes and he is a no show, I tried calling him with no success. The rest of the week passes with many unsuccessful attempts to contact him by phone, text and email. We Googled him and found a few social media accounts, we made several attempts to make contact him but once again, unsuccessful. I continued to call him everyday until he changed his number. I tried to send several messages to him through social media, only to find those had recently been deleted or blocked. A few weeks later, we were able to make contact with a few people in Detroit who knew him. They were sympathetic to our loss and said he had a habit of doing things like this. They told us he had moved to Chattanooga Tennessee but he moved around a lot for work. He doesn't stay in one place long when he takes money from people and disappears.

We were informed of a few other things about Jonathan which has nothing to so with his work ethic but it was disturbing. One of the 5 people we spoke with in Detroit suggested we look up Tara Israel (his girlfriend) a NY photographer, Mike O'Tool (employer) at dash 7 in NY. And Beau Boruff (his landlord) in Chattanooga. We should be able to find him by getting in contact with those three who are closely acquainted with him. The man said, those of the same feather flock together, he only hangs out with others who have the same business practices as he does. They were glad he left Detroit, they hope he never returns due to the damage and loss he left unsuspecting customers with. It is sad that someone would do others this way. People work hard for their money to better themselves, not to be taken advantage of and stolen from by con men. I sympathize with anyone who has been coned by this man. He only works on a cash basis, he does not accept checks or credit cards. That should have been a red flag but I trusted the man who referred him.

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