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Messerli Kramer

Country United States
State Alabama
City Minneapolis
Address 100 South 5th Street, Suite 1400
Phone (612) 672-3600

Messerli Kramer Reviews

  • Apr 10, 2018

They send me some paper but it was copy so many times I couldn’t make out the date. I’m about to get a lawyer and collect my extra money they took out!!!!

  • Apr 4, 2018

First of all I am what they call 'judgment proof'. I had brain surgery, five spine surgeries and several other health issues. I will never get gainful employment I have a document from my physician to proof this.The only money that goes into my bank are ssi payments. Furthermore, they are going to garnish from a bank i do not, or ever had an account with. They did not send any documents nor am i saying i even owe this debt.

What I wanted is everthing in writing. I was only served with a summons/complaint, then a judgment order I went to the court house and they thought it is baseless because they are trying to garnish exempt ssi money from a bank account i do not have.How do i counter sue these scamsters. I have enough health and other problems in my then to deal with losers trying to prey on poor and sick

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