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Messenger International

Country United States
State Colorado
City Palmer Lake
Address PO Box 888
Phone 1-800-648-1477

Messenger International Reviews

  • Apr 13, 2019

This posting is in No Way, Shape or Form An Attack on John Bevere's or Lisa Bevere who are Very Good People and who are also the founders of Messenger International (PO Box 888 Palmer Lake, CO 80133 USA).

However there are Three (3) Blemishes that we see Messenger International has that must be pointed out.

1. Family Promotion Idolatry: In various videos that show John Bevere and Lisa Bevere speaking at various speaking engagements there are many times the showcasing in picture form of their family at the beginning before they speak on a large viewing screen.

There is nothing Wrong with showcasing one's family but Why not let that particular setting showcase other families too as well who might be in the same environment or Are we therefore saying that One Family is More "Special" in Emphasis at the Expense or Belittling of Other families.

One person said this: "“One of the acceptable idolatries.

is the idolatry of the family.” Families Plural Not Just The Singular Ones Only Are Biblically Important (Jeremiah 31: 1, Numbers 1: 2-42).

2. Small Churches: You Will See Many Times in Videos John Bevere and Lisa Bevere Not speaking to Small Churches that are 10 members and below. They are Many Times in Large Churches. One wonders If a church stops being a church just because it is 10 members and less.

The Small is Also Biblically Important (Psalm 115: 13, Acts 26: 22). One should be able to showcase oneself going to both the 1's and the 100s and 1000s too.

3. Time Managment: Time and Time again you will see those mentioned in this post going over time. True they might be at a particular location for just that day but that Still Does Not Mean one should go over time or Overboard with Time as a rule.

Yes one can be Led to go over at times but it shows Disrespect when you cannot consider other people and their time whom you are addressing. It is Biblically important to Respect Others as We are told (1 Peter 2: 17).

Time management is Biblically important (Psalm 90: 12). One can throw off people in their plans who may have had other things to do After being in a speaking environment. It is also Biblically important to do things Properly, Fitting and in Order (1 Corinthians 14: 40).

Synopsis: One Cannot Make Excuses For The Above. Don't Throw Away The Baby With The Bath Water However concerning those mentioned in this post-Blemishes Can Occur . Still Come to the True and Living God if you haven't.

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