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Merts Heating & Air Conditioning

Country United States
State Illinois
City Steger
Address 3102 Holeman Ave Steger
Phone 7083009494

Merts Heating & Air Conditioning Reviews

  • Mar 19, 2019

Just wanted to let folks know what to expect.

I woke up to a burning smell. It seemed to be coming from the furnace. I tried various methods of troubleshooting but was uncertain the cause.

I called Nicor. They came out promptly and discovered 2 gas leaks. One in the furnace and the other on the hot water tank.

A park neighbor recommended Merts. I called. The receptionist explained that there was an $80 service fee. I asked about a furnace cleaning. She told me that if it needed cleaning the serviceman would recommend it at the time of service. She said the guy would call before arriving. She had no idea what time or day he would arrive. I was slightly concerned because I turned off the furnace.

Dave the serviceman calls me several hours later. Came by promptly. Went to work but couldn't find any issues.

I did not tell him that Nicor was there earlier and discovered 2 leaks. I requested that he check for gas leaks and he did reluctantly. He didn't find any. I opened the closet door and asked to check the hot water heater. After fidgeting with the detection device he got the gas leak to appear. I asked him to check the furnace again. Still was unable to get the leak to appear. That's when I told him Nicor was there earlier and I pointed out the leak. I asked him to tighten the pipe fitting regardless.

The time comes for the bill. Not $80 but $200 discounted down to $160. I questioned why. He said that he cleaned the furnace too. I opened the door and showed him all the dirt on the inside panels. He said it was grime and wouldn’t come off.

I do not believe that he did any furnace cleaning. I've had it done many times and know the noises and what gets done. AND, he never approached me about cleaning it as the receptionist told me.

The burning smell is still here. I really feel ripped off. I thought that others should know my experience before they hire Merts.

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