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Merrill & Associates

Country United States
State New York
City Brea
Address PO Box 279
Phone 800 253 3111

Merrill & Associates Reviews

  • May 16, 2016

I was called by Merrill & Associates and I discussed with them that I would like my mortgage payment lowered

They are me alot of questions which I answered. I discussed with them that we have a lien on our property.

They said no problem. I told them about this lien everytime I talked to them. Again they told me no problem.

I gave them the paperwork they wanted right away. Merrill & Associates said they would help me -no problem.

They set up a payment plan for 3 payments to equal $2,995.00. Which went accordingly. So I continued to

give them all information they requested when they reqested it . Then I was called several times telling me the

update and telling me who my senior processer would be. I was told Lynn Le would be working with me. Then

I continued to get updates atleast every week or two from someone who was working with Lynn Le. Then I was

told they would extend our mortgage in which would lower our monthly payments. Then I was told several times

that it was in processing and would take time. This went on from April to August. Then I didn't hear anything.

The numbers they gave me were disconnected or busy. I also tried e-mail and fax and did not get a response.

I really think this is a scam. I have been trying to contact them since August and I have not gotten anywhere.

So I thought I would try the internet and I found this site. I cannot afford the loss from Merrill & Associates.

I would like to get all my money back.

  • Oct 8, 2015

In April 2015, my parent were contacted by John Davis for a loan modifcation. He sweet talked them to apply through his firm and guaranteed modification in 60-90 days charging them $2900. My parents applied and was contacted by one Sabrina Costello (senior processor). After sending over all the requested information, several other people kept reaching out to my parents for the same information which Sabrina had stated that its been sent to the Bank. We were further contacted by Mary Lopez, Alejandro Moldonado, Ninia Alliones. Each time they contact us, they ask for the same paperwork. None of them can give us any update to our case. After couple of months when the money had been withrwan from the account, they all dissappeared. None of their phone numbers work - 646-661-3045; 718-395-3158; 646-513-2645; 646-513-4481. This company is ripping people off from all over the place. We are yet to hear something from the lender or this company. As off now they are non responding to any call or email. My parents need justice..

  • Aug 25, 2015

I obtained this law firm to assist me in a loan modification for my home. They guaranteed me that they would help me save my home, and I paid them over $3,000 to do so. This was in January; my home is now scheduled for a September 1st foreclosure, and now this company refuses to return my emails, and the contact numbers that I was given and had been using are no longer working. Ironically, I never had any trouble contacting this company when I was making my scheduled payments, but once they got all of my money, communication steadily slowed to now none at all.

The actual attorny, Eileen Schlissel who is supposed to be working on my file, has never returned any of my calls, yet her number is the only working line that remains. I am still calling and emailing everyday, if nothing else to have a paper trail because I definitely plan on suing.

I am a single mother who works hard everyday, and I am facing the harsh reality of losing my home because of a LAW FIRM that has clearly fooled me into believing that they could and would help me. I can even recall one of my processors saying adamantly that "I would NOT lose my home." If you receive any offers from this company, please beware. Don't end up like me, not having a home for my children because I trusted the wrong company. Beware!!!

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