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Merrick Apartments

Country United States
State California
Phone (714) 909-1406

Merrick Apartments Reviews

  • Sep 7, 2017

I leased an apartment from Merrick Apartments and after I moved out 21 days later I was to received my deposit check. I had called and given them my new address on three different occassions and each time I called to confirm they never had my updated address. I called them after 23 days and advised that I had never received my security deposit check back and they checked my old mailbox and the check that was sent from their corporate office was not in there. I checked my forwarded address and the check was not there.

I spoke with Starrina Cardenas the manager who advised me that because it had been over 21 days they would be refunding my full security deposit. She claimed that they would send the security deposit via overnight mail she told me that she would provide me with the tracking number. I had to call her because she never called me back and said that she did not have the tracking number but that she would follow up with me in another day - it has taken her two days to provide me with a tracking number. She then confirmired that I would oly receive part of my security deposit back because the original check was lost in the mail and therefore, not their fault.

There are other views on Yelp from other former residents that have had the same problem receiving their security deposit back because they claim that they sent it out but the tenant never receives it.

It has been almost 30 days since I have moved out and the law in my State indicates that it should have been returned within 21 days.

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