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Merolla Yacht & Boat Marine Surveyors, Inc.

Country United States
State Florida
City Fort Lauderdale
Address 2500 NE 48th Ln
Phone (954) 401-5399

Merolla Yacht & Boat Marine Surveyors, Inc. Reviews

  • Feb 1, 2018

He did a servey for me on 1/12/18 and it was a very poor survey. I did a brief investigation and found out that he is not certified as a surveyor and also lied about his other certificcation. He stamped his report with a seal from the Natonal Association of Marine Surveyors (NAMS) that he is a marine surveyor. I called NAMS and they told me to send them the survey because he has not been a member of NAMS since April 2017, and therefore NAMS was going to send him a cease a desist letter.

I also found that he ks a csreer crimminal. If you search his name at the Broward County, Florida clerk of courts website, you will see his list of crimes.

  • Jan 27, 2018

He does a very poor job when doing surveys. He clicks off almost all items to be proven by an outside independent company or individual. When I questioned him and asked him why he didn't check out the most basic items on a 29' SeaVee like:

1. The bilge pumps (he says they were not manual ones, they were electronic and I said to him, why didn't you just put water on them, there was a hose right there. He stated "he does not do that").

2. He stated he could not find the two data plates on the gas tanks. I told him they were right under the hatch, and he then told me to send him a picture of them and he will take them off.

There was multiple items that he did not complete and when I asked him well what did you do for the survey, his quote to me was "F*** you" and hung up the phone on me, then texted me saying "Go F*** Yourself.. LOL. Sue me".

Not only is he a poor surveyor but he also appears to be a career criminal. If you go to (Broward County Clerk of the Courts and type in his name, you will see the cases below against him).


Felony - Grand theft in the third degree 4/22/05

Felony - Grand theft in the third degree/Burglary 11/30/07

Misdemeanor - Stalking 3/6/10

Felony - Criminal Mischief 1/8/11

Traffic Infraction - Speeding 5/4/11

Other infraction - Vessel Prohibited Activity 5/8/12

Domestic Violence 7/17/14

Misdemeanor - Giving false police report 12/17/14

Third Degree Felony - Neglect/Abuse Elderly Person 12/20/14

Misdemeanor - Battery 1/14/15

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