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Merle & Company

Country United States
State Alaska
Phone 403-463-7072

Merle & Company Reviews

  • Oct 18, 2016

Mariah has failed to refund dozens of customers whom she has taken deposits towards training in the calgary area(merle & Co. Education for dogs). She has lied, misled and failed to provided paid services to her customers leaving them without training services for their dogs and without refund.

Mariah has also failed to emit over 3 months of boarding payment on her dog whom was left in my care due to her moving to ontario "temporarily" after a break up. she continuously avoided contact when she was asked to emit payment ($300/month) and had no cares in the world as to see how her dog was doing while no longer in her care. she dropped him off severley underweight, hip bones, rib bones and shoulderbones were all showing, it took us 2 months to get him back to a proper weight. he had agression issues which we had to work with to overcome and she has "trained" our prior puppy buyers dogs aswell resulting in other dog agressive dogs. she also got rid of her other dogs that were in her care prior to moving besides her eldest.

her customers have stated she is "uncooperative, misleading, dishonest and a fraud" and that they would never feel comfortable dealing with her ever again or reccomending her and many have given up on the hope of ever recieving a refund on their paid deposits towards training. she has now resorted to blocking people on facebook, further ignoring through facebook, instagram and email, while making up lies as to why she cant respond, while we have proof she is active daily on the internet through facebook, instagram, email.

mariah, we all suggest you fix your problems rather then ignoring, blocking, lieing and running away. that is no way at all to run a business or to treat others.

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