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Meritrust Credit Union

Country United States
State Kansas
City Wichita
Address P.O. Box 789757
Phone 800.342.9278

Meritrust Credit Union Reviews

  • Jan 31, 2017

Today, 01/30/2017 at approximately 11:30 A.M. I called Meritrust Credit Union, seeking information pertianing to my account and a payoff date for financing a utility vehicle. When I called, I had to go through the usual menu and when I got to where I needed to be, I had a 20 minute wait until a representative answered my call.

After I identified myself, giving him all the pertinent information to verify my ID, I proceeded to ask my questions. My first one to him was had he found my payment that I dropped off at their night deposit. His answer was No but he would check into it. Another 15 minutes time lapsed when I hear a Click, a disconnect.

I called them back again, immediately, and had to wait another approximately 20 minutes before another rep answered. I told him what had happened, that I never received an answer to my questions and got disconnected. I gave him the name of the person but he just laughed and then forgot about it. I finally managed to get my questions answered but after approximately an hour, total time, of sitting around, waiting for the results of my questions.

What prompted me to call was due to me trying to access my account online, which I had established a user name and password. I tried several times to log in but each time, I got a message that my login was not recognized and to try again.

This is the second time in just a few short months that Meritrust lost my login or deleted it, one of the two and when I attempted to resolve this problem, all I got was a side stepping as to what the problem could be.

An incident previous to this one was when my wife called them, going through the same wait time until she finally got to speak with someone and then, the woman who my wife spoke to was very Rude and Arrogant! My wife also got disconnected or I should say, hung up on by a rude person.

In my opinion, Meritrust Credit Union should be avoided like the plague. They do NOT offer good services and it takes a lot of time to even get to speak with someone. When you do, you might not get an answer right away! Finally, today, I spoke with a banker who stated that they have dealt with other customers who were very upset with Meritrust.

I wiill NEVER allow Meritrust to handle any loans again, NEVER!

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