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Merit Gas Station

Country United States
State New York
City Rockville Centre
Address 580 Sunrise Hwy
Phone (516) 763-2664

Merit Gas Station Reviews

  • Apr 23, 2016

When I returned to the attendant an told him that the wrong price was showing for gas, he tried to tell me that I used a credit card. I told him, no I was just in here a minute ago and gave him $20 cash and he's trying to charge me the credit price, he started swearing at me, dropping the F word. I told him just give me my ******* money. He threw my money on the counter and told me to ** myself

I went to the Merit station to get $20/cash of gas. I gave the attendant $20. I went out to start pumping the gas and noticed that I was being charge the Credit price. I went back in to ask the attendant to reset the price and he said, "you paid with credit", I said "no, I just gave you a $20 dollar bill". He started to get angry and started dropping the F bomb. I told him, "Just give me the ******* $20 dollars back". He threw the $20 on the counter and told me to get the ** out.

Don't go to this station, the attendants are neither curtious or upstanding. They will try and rip you off

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