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Meridian Regional Lending

Country United States
State New York
City New York
Address 45 West 45th St.
Phone 1-844-248-0299

Meridian Regional Lending Reviews

  • Mar 21, 2017

I lost my husband to a sudden illness this past week. It cost me approx. 15,000 per week as we tried to save his life I lost everything. I needed the loan money to bury him. I received a response from this company when I looked on line for a loan service vendor.

I explained to Maureen Thomas how muchh I needed and what it was for. She seemed very sympathetic and sai she would make sure I received the funds within the hr. The said I had 3 options in which to secure the loan. Use my car as collateral, get a co-signer with a credit score of 730 or higher or i can pay 450.00 (the cost of the first 3 payments so I opted for the $450.00. I sent the 450.00 yet no money was deposited into my acct. When I called back I was put in touch with Cordilla Grayson who said I had to cover oversees insurance due to the loan amount. They would not alow me to only borrow 3500.00 I had to except the 8000.00 as that is what their loans started at.

So again I explained I had no more money and if I sent the 600.00 I would not have rent money or food money. Cordilla assured me the funds would be in my acct. before I woke, No loan, no money and when I called in nobody would pick up the phone and speak to me. Therefore they have 1,050.00 of my money I received nothing. And still nobody to talk with and get my money back. Furthermore they have my bankng info to automatically deposit the funds so I now have to go to the bank and close out my acct. and reopen new ones.

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