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Meridian Bank

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Doylestown
Address 1719a South Easton Road
Phone 215-845-0550

Meridian Bank Reviews

  • Jul 9, 2018

I hired a contractor to begin working on my home. We drew up a contract, I would give him $6k to begin work, purchase supplies etc. At the last minute the contractor cancelled on me stating he couldn't begin work for months. I had given the contractor a postdated check. 3 weeks before I wrote the check I went into Meridian Bank requesting that the check not clear before the date written on it. I was absolutely assured by Alecia Rosado that everything was good. I phoned from work and requested a 'stop payment'. The person who answered the phone stated that the check already cleared. I stopped what I was doing, too5off from work and went down to Meridian Bank, at 4 pm. Alecia, the Bucks County/Montgomery County hot shots sat in her office until 4:22 pm. While speaking with her, she yelled, and screamed at me, telling me that I should have checked my contractor's references before writing a check. As I sat there her paramour/boyfriend walked in. He proceeded to grab her backside, made out with her heavily and then say, "I don't know which side you are on but isn't she hot?" Baby, when will you be done? He snickered, looking directly at me, and wandered off. The boyfriend was pulled to the side and afterwards I was called a bunch of filthy names in Spanish. The boyfriend/husband whatever he is does not know I was raised in Colombia, and understood everything. It was disrespectful, and immensely inconsiderate. Excuse me, for using this word over again but no other words can define the disrespect I was given. I believe this branch manager is immensely inconsiderate, disrespectful, and immensely tacky. Since this incident I have chosen to close my account. The issue was never resolved.

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