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Mercier Secure Lending Solutions

Country United States
State California
City San Diego
Address 3914 Murphy Canyon Road Suite 218

Mercier Secure Lending Solutions Reviews

  • Jan 9, 2016

I called Marcier Secure Lending Solutions and worked with Lillian Green. She took all my personal information and said I was approved for my loan. She sent me the forms to fill out and said she would go over them with me on th phone. Every page I pulled up she just "summerized" and said sign. I did this for all pages. She then said "ok you are all set! Just send in the first 3 payments as a MoneyGram and I will have your loan deposited in your account within an hour" I sent over the money as instructed and then when I called her she said they are now asking for another 3 payments.

I said I did not have any additional money. I had sent her my last $460 cash. I am unemployed and needed the money to live on for another month while searching for a job. I requested the money to be returned as I had no other alternative to send her more money or to live on. I spole with Lillian Green and her supervisor which they both said the refund will be processed and will be mailed on the next payment cycle. I have still not recieved anything and now their phone number has been disconnected.

This company is a total rip off and takes money from people in need and down on their luck. They prey on the weak with no guilt. I will continue to try and contact them and will definately start looking for a lawyer. Hopefully everyone in my situation can all get together for a class action lawsuit to put these people behind bars for fraud.

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