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Merchant Supplies Direct, Inc.

Country United States
State Illinois
City Elgin
Address 304 Cassidy Lane
Phone (630) 329-6323

Merchant Supplies Direct, Inc. Reviews

  • Jan 22, 2020

A Salesman from this company walked into my store claiming they used to work with my sister in the Merchant Services Field. I signed up with them. Within 3 weeks, I realized they were taking out way more money out of my bank than promised.

They put me in a equiptment lease, when they said I was under no lease agreement. They lied to my face continuously. When I figured this out and called, no answer for 3 weeks. They just disappeared. I was completely scammed by this company, and I hope many people read this before it is too late for them.

Within 2 Months, I am oweing THEM 6000.00.. Live and Learn, Never use these scammers. Beware, they are good at what they do.. And its not Merchant Service, its Scamming.

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