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Merchant Monday

Country United States
State California
City Wildomar
Phone 951-514-2600

Merchant Monday Reviews

  • Feb 3, 2018

Merchant Monday Promised 1000 to 4000 view of my ad on instigram to greatly give my company more exposure. Could never find my AD and got not one call or email for my business from the AD. Called and cancelled service and am still getting billed. So far have been billed 2 times after they emailed me that they would cancel my service with them and stop all billing. Did not happen!!! No one answers calls and no one returns emails or voicemails left!

  • Jan 3, 2018

I signed up with Merchant Monday in November 2016.

After 3 months of using their service for advertising, I saw I was getting nothing from it so I called and cancelled it. That was 1 year ago.

I have called and emailed them now 4 times and they keep charging my credit card. They don't return my phone calls and if I email them they don't respond either.

  • Nov 9, 2017

So being a woman I was interested in this companies business model. They claim to help female owned and operated businesses by promoting your brands to the brands demographic on social media.

Sadly, what they actually do is take your money and buy bot clicks, so yes from the back end of your web site it appears you are getting the web traiffic, but every visit is about 2 seconds, none pass the first page, or even scroll down the page, zero purchases, and with further investigation.... most are not even people but are bots...

so I deleved into this a bit further, it seems you can buy page clicks on Fiverr web site, for next to nothing..... but they are simply bots, not potential customers...Stay far away from this company. On a side note, it really sucks that women are doing this to other women... Karma will treat you well I am sure!

  • Oct 3, 2017

Scam targeting Christian business owners!

My story is the same as everyone above, except at 4 months into the contract they have hit my credit card for the full $299 again!! And of course they won't answer the phone. I will be stopping payment and sending many emails.

DO NOT give them your money. I have not gotten a single sale from their ad. It is October and their stats page still only shows May and June. But I keep up with my social media traffic and have not seen any increase coming from their business. My only traffic increase shows when I do my own Facebook or Instagram ads.

They need to be shut down.

  • Oct 3, 2017

Dear Consumers, I was contacted by Merchant Monday who told me that they do social media advertising. I agreed to a trial I was told that they would send me a proof for me to approve. That never happened. I had to call and email to ask for it. After they sent the proof that I did not like or ever agree to they emailed a new proof a couple of weeks later. You can't ever get anyone on the phone when there is a problem but they are very quick to get their money. I have tried to cancel their service a few times as I have not been happy with their service since the beginning and they said that I agreed to a 6 month contract and are sending me to collections because I refuse to pay for their horrible service. DO NOT utilize their business. It is not worth it at all!!!!

  • Sep 21, 2017

In April 2017 I was approched to an internet advertisement to sign up to spread my business on Instagram.

The deal was $299 and I would get advertised and about 3000-5000 clicks per month on my business instagram.

Promised also was to send me a report how many people got interested, age group and so fare.

First I had to beg for the report and I never got a proof that they have my ad on Instagram, because I could not look it up.

But that I recognized after the fact I paid already $299.

Yesterday I ask again for my actuale reports, as I did had only to June. I told them it is fraud and I will not let it go so easy.

The answer came today, that they all have a new managment and new emplyees. Really? After I complaining and tell them I will file a complain with BBB I get the answer they have ALL new people?

I am sure the is fraud and I want to make this awareness so other poeple falling in the same trap.

  • Sep 13, 2017

going to FBI

On to get the FBI on this

  • Sep 13, 2017

They are still charging my card.

I found this company advertising on Facebook under Brushback In August 2016 I sign up and they call me back and told me about this ad for $69 down and $49 a month for 6 months on my Instagram page. After two months I didn't see no ad on my Instagram page I stop payment so I start getting the phone calls. So I told them I'm not going to pay for something that I'm not getting and so she hung up. And about four months later they charge my card and the crazy thing is I change the card. I don't know how they got the new card information so I call the bank and I also went to the bank to let them know that Merchant Monday is a


  • Jun 23, 2017

Merchant Monday from Instagram scammed me for 299 on Facebook. I am a woman owned business and they knew that. They said I was nominated for this service. They made me think that they would help me promote my business through instagram. I fell hurt and stupid please me careful :(

  • Jun 17, 2017

I spoke wih a Sarah on June 6, 2017 and she told me that they wil provide me services for Facebook and Instagram on a monthly service. I told her I would call her on June 9, 2017 if I wanted to sign up with their company. I never called on the 9th and this week I get a charge on my credit card for $49.00 from Merchant Monday, that was never authorized.

  • Jun 1, 2017

They Called to market advertising on IG. Charged my Card and didn't respond as they promised.

Did not answer phone and will not respond to me emails. I did research with other company and the same thing happened to them. They have a website you can not click on or respond. Seems like they just have it as a face page. Also they have a IG page. And they have a Facebook page.

This is a Scam and they need to be reported. I will report the to the BBB.

  • May 25, 2017

I pressed on a Facebook Christian Business Owner ad for Socila Media advertising.

I was called the next morning and the OFFER was very suspicious.

Promising 1000 ($69 per month), 2000 or 4000 monthly views on Instagram

Must give 6 month commitment and you pay first month upfront.

Won't let me see the Contract before i agree, only afterword, but I can cancel within 72 hours. LOL

No reviews or information on Merchant Monday anywhere on the web.

Webpage is a one-page landing page.

Has a Facebook page with 7700 likes that look to be paid or fake.

Woman salesperson sounded like she was in a boileroom when selling me

Buyer & Christian Busines Owners Beware

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