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Merch Pump

Country United States
State New York
City New York
Address 42 W 38th St,
Phone (646) 600-3498

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  • Nov 25, 2017

Never have I ever encountered a more poorly run, unprofessional, joke of a merchandise company than MerchPump at run by Luis J Gomez, or the Puerto Rican Rattlesnake, as he likes to refer to himself as. I ordered hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise as christmas gifts for friends and family from here. I ordered Bobby Kelly YKWD merchandise, Jim Norton Chip Chipperson Podcast merchandise, and Mark Normand and Joe List Tuesday's with Stories merchandise from Luis J Gomez and Not only have I not received one single item that i've ordered, Mr. Luis J Gomez refuses to refund my money after months of getting the run around about my order. He then proceeded to threaten me and said he knew where I lived because of my order, and that if I didn't keep quiet he would come "take care of me for good" This guy is crazy and dangerous and his company is not legitimate. Do not waste your money like I did.

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