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Mercer Transportation Co.

Country United States
State Kentucky
City Louisville
Address 1128 West Main St.
Phone 1-800-433-0904

Mercer Transportation Co. Reviews

  • Dec 20, 2016

I have looked up on Outscam about truck companies including mercer. Been told by many of my driving co workers that i should go to mercer, i have a brand new truck,i can book my own loads in which i stay out forever and work, and in 7 years of driving have had a good record. Been sceptical of the things i seen about mercer but thought o.K will give it a shot. Well in orentation dean says " here at mercer you might go broke but wont go hungry" yes my fault i should of walked out right then and there. I got 2 bogus warning tickets 1 in indiana so you know how that works. I talked to uncle lenny and he said warning tickets meen nothing except for csa, i said ok and kept doing my thing, hit black ice in wyoming and go in the ditch kept it all upright and minor damage to trailer lots of damage to my truck but i carry my own insurance, this happens on a sunday so noone can be bothered because mercer is closed on weekends,come monday i have to do all the calling and arraingments for everything, and finally when a driver shows up to get the load noone in mercer lets me know he is even coming. I get everything situatued and get home on wednsday and mercer tries calling me about the trailer or load some voicemail at midnite on wensday. Thursday matt calls i get an attitude because i made all arriangments and you are now calling me to see if i am ok 4 days later after the accident? Mercer calls me right back and fires me. Well prior to all this i asked my coordinator phil wagoneer why i cant get any loads and of course gives me a song and dance i tell him For being 1 of the top dogs in this industry) pretty sad i cant make 3,500$ a month just to make my truck payment let alone anything else. I spoke to his boss about the same thing no answer,spoke to contract relations no answer. And i went through the process to get a fast pass and all endorsments for mercer and to make myself more available and they just throw you away like your garbage. So it is your own demize but you have heard another report and should take heed but if your a good ole boy you may make it.

  • Jan 29, 2016

You think your leasing to a company that cares about your success but in fact you are only there for mercers profits and are expendable. maybe thats why they have such a high turn over rate. when you complain about the way you are treated by the coordinaters or not being paid what is owed or standing your ground for pay for services provided you are labled an unwanted contractor. mercers belief is that they are your customer and you need to treat them as to keep them happy even if your loosing money. when they cancel your contract there is no disscussion your just gone. they are so bad they will hire almost anyone just to maintain trucks to burn later. maybe thats why there csa score is 98. stay away or be used at your own risk.

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