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Mercedes-Benz of South Bay

Country United States
State California
City Torrance
Address 3311 Pacific Coast Hwy
Phone 1 310-513-5300

Mercedes-Benz of South Bay Reviews

  • Jun 29, 2020

I'm shocked at the reviews on this place but my mother isn't, and that is the saddest part about all of this, is how minorities and elderly are treated here!

I came in for an 8:20am appointment. My mother received an email indicating there was a recall on the airbag, and in the email it says we would be provided a loaner. Confirmation of the appointment indicated further that we'd have a loaner provided.

I run a business and a nonprofit and am a parent, so a loaner is critical to my day to day. I also was bringing the car in for my mother, so my parents wouldn't have to be exposed to covid- since they are not properly socially distancing at all. Also the last couple of times coming here ended up being pretty stressful for my parents since the service is usually spotty.

1.) this place is not compliant for safety or covid19.

They take their nasty masks off when they talk to people in their face.

In the past we have worked with amircar as our advisor, but today he immediately referred us over to sonia, to my complete disappointment.

Sonia gonzalez didn't introduce herself, didn't say hello, nothing. She finished a personal phone call where she was telling some guy he looked really good during their date, and if he was picking her up at lunch, which took about 45 seconds for her to wrap up the call. No problem as i was there early, but i thought this was kind of unprofessional during work hours when you have customers waiting. Still not a big deal, but worth mentioning.

The real issue began when with no eye contact, being treated like another number as she got off the phone, and we have invested into this place as our family has 3 vehicles we've brought in for work/maintenance. With her head down fiddling with her phone, sonia began to ask why the car is there.

Keep in mind, we had spoken with two people to schedule this appointment over a week ago, and had just spoken with amircar, who confirmed there would be a loaner due to the recall and it taking all day to repair. As a service "manager" sonia should have been able to see why we were there. I explained again about airbag recall and she kept her head down toying with her cheap phone.

Sonia gonzalez was very dismissive and short, despite my kind and happy demeanor, she seemed to grow angry when i questioned to clarify about the loaner. She snapped "no, you can't have a loaner, that's for when you're paying for the work". Wow! i politely asked to speak with a manager because the email, and phone call, confirmed we'd have a loaner. She wouldn't get a manager or help, she preferred to argue and continue trying to agitate.

She raised her voice as i tried to explain that we had confirmation, and she said "well that's not correct and i don't know what to tell you or what you wanna do but that's incorrect". Again i asked for a manager, but stood there waiting as she plugged away still, on her cell phone. I never got a manager, she basically refused and continued on her cell phone and computer. She said i could wait 4.5 hours until 1pm when car would be ready, or come back at 5pm!

As i stepped outside to make a call and try to call a manager myself, and arrange my own loaner because i want the airbag replaced, she took her mask down while i was outside, literally on the other side of the window, made a cheesy sarcastic smile and with a sarcastic rude voice loud and said "byeeee" - sooo unnecessarily extra, immature and pretty low life for a grown woman to behave this way without class. She even waved and laughed, after i explained this was for my mother.

At this point i was done, i wouldn't let them touch my vehicle and i left.

I feel like when we come here, as people of color, we are not treated the same. This is not just a misunderstanding, this is rude, this is a lie, they confirmed and told us we'd have a loaner and to be treated this way was just appalling. This isn't about the loaner- i took care of that. This is about the inability of this place to function any longer, and a need for leadership to get involved and make some changes.

I had to call several times as no one wanted to connect me with anyone in charge. They played games and kept fumbling the calls. My mother went there to talk with someone and "babak" left her sitting in the lobby for 30mins while laughing along with sonia in the back. In my opinion, sonia should be properly educated on customer service and if she can't treat people with basic dignity and respect, she should be fired. And screw the management for not even trying to get back to anyone, and for not reaching out to correct any of these other horrible reviews. I encourage everyone to also file on google reviews, scamion etc, until they hear and address these hideous issues in customer service.

  • Mar 24, 2020

On 2-10-20 took car to MB to fix an air bag recall and get a diagnostic. Told advisor Frank Perri thats all I needed. Advisor Perri calls me back they coulkd fix car for $1800.0 I told Perri that was to much money that I had a mechanic ready to fix car for $1k. He said, then he coukld fix car for $1500.0. I said, if you can fix car for $1500.0 they could fix it.

I told him about check engine light, it cranked every morning when cold a lot and once warm just a small amount but it always cranked. We went over other problems. I told him he said, they could and woulkd fix car for $1500, no more money. Advisor Perri confirmed repairs for $1500. I gave the okay. I was with out a car for several days. They did not offer a loaner.

Picked up car several days later. Car started with same problems. Called advisor perri, to bring car back. Gave me a loaner. Had loaner for several weeks. Picked up car on 3-13-20. Appeared to run okay. On 3-14-20 around 9p to 10p car woukld not start and SRS sign pops up. Had to call triple AAA. Car starts 15 minutes later then called AAA to canceled servise. Called Advisor Perri on 3-16-20 he never responded.

On 3-18-20 I drove to MB South Bay. Advisor not happy to see me. I told him I wanted to speak to servise manager, who told me if i had problems to call him. He told me Steve shuts would help me but was busy and would be awhile. I asked for his number then left a message on his voice mail. Its 3-25-20 and have not heard from advisor Frank Perri or servise manager Steve. They told me they could fix car if I payed more money, thats a scam/baiting to make me pay more later.

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