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Mercedes-Benz of Pompano

Country United States
State Florida
City Pompano Beach
Address 350 W Copans Rd
Phone 954-644-4832

Mercedes-Benz of Pompano Reviews

  • Jul 7, 2016

I wanted to Buy a 2016 Mercedes Benz GLS450. After seeing TV ad's offering big discounts I went to Mercedes Benz Of Pompano. There I was met by Phillip Moodie who identified himself as a "salesman." After telling him what I was interested in he wanted to see my Drivers License. I thought it to be strange that he was more interested in looking at my drivers license than selling me a car. He then told me he wanted to see 3-months of my personal bank statements. I've never been asked by anyone to see my personal bank statements. Can you imagine trying to buy a car & before they even show it to you they want to see your bank statements??? While I felt it was none of Phillip Moodie's business what my personal banking was I came back later & gave him the 3-Months of statements he asked for. Then he wanted to see photos of my children. I began to feel that Phillip Moodie was a pedophile or sexual predator. I found him to be very creepy. Wouldn't you? I have never bought a new mercedes before & really wasn't thinking when I showed him pictures of my 3-young children.After several days of putting me off he told me that he wouldn't sell me the car because I was on an export list. I have never felt more violated & wrongfully accused of something in my life. He wouldn't show me the list I was supposedly on. Needless to say I would never buy anything from Mercedes Benz Of Pompano or have anything to do with Phillip Moodie. I want to warn everyone of their crazy business practices.

Aside from being rude & pushy, Phillip Moodie is just a typical small time commissioned car salesman who because of his actions will never make a penny off me. In addition, I will never own a Mercedes Benz for the rest of my life. What a horrible way to treat potential customers. I am presently purchasing a Lexus SUV. The people at the dealership are totally different from the Gestapo Like goons at Mercedes Benz of Pompano, especially Phillip Moodie who is a total liar, con man & creepy individual.

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