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Mercedes-Benz of Fort Mitchell

Country United States
State Kentucky
City Fort Mitchell
Address 2100 Dixie Hwy
Phone 1 844-857-3451

Mercedes-Benz of Fort Mitchell Reviews

  • Jan 22, 2019

On December 8th, 2019 I inquired about a 2015 BMW I8 with 19k miles that Mercedes-Benz of Fort Mitchell had listed on the website Living several hundred miles away I would need to rely on the information provided on and my phone call with the sales associate. I asked him if the car was perfect and he stated they would not sell a used car that wasn’t, it would be wholesaled (auctioned).

We faced time and virtually walked around the car. No issues were noted other. I placed a deposit on the car and paid in full within 72 hours via a notary. The car was shipped to me via carrier. Right away I noticed some body work issues and after going over the car there were approximately 6 areas that are a problem. I took pictures highlighting the areas in question and immediately texted my salesman.

The problems were above standard wear and tear of a car of this year and mileage.

I asked when the dealership would do in this situation. A few days went by and he responded he would speak to the manager and he apologized. “When you and I walked around it I didn’t notice any of those blemishes, I’ll be back with you today in the matter”. A week went by with no response.

I took the car into my local BMW repair shop to get a quote. The cost came in over $2,000.00. I immediately booked the repair which took 6 working days to complete. I sent Mercedes of Fort Mitchell the quote with no response. I reached out multiple times after and then received a message “Sorry about the late response, I will have a response on the repairs today”. I did not hear back from him and reached out a few times more, with no response.

At this point I am done with the salesman since I am not receiving any info. I also had further questions about my plate and title to which he did not respond. I then compiled all my texts, pictures, information etc. and emailed the Dealership Manager Don Paparella. He replied rather quickly that he was sorry I was having a bad experience, but he was on vacation but as soon as he returned, he would look into it ASAP.

No problem I stated, please contact me once you get back. I did not receive another reply, so I reached out again, no reply. A week later tried again, no reply. At this point I have been nothing but cordial, respectful and patient. I have since pursued additional avenues to have them make this right.

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