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Mercedes-Benz of Burlington

Country United States
State Massachusetts
City Burlington
Address 80 Cambridge St
Phone 781-262-0430

Mercedes-Benz of Burlington Reviews

  • Dec 7, 2015

Merceds Benz of Burlington, salesman Irving Lazardo and General Manager, Shawn King charged me $393.00 for "documentation preparation" stating that it was a fee "Massachusetts State Fee" that they had to remit to the State of Massachusetts. I was told that I had to pay the fee or "get out" of the dealership. I was also told by the general manager that I would be "escorted out" of the dealership if I did not pay this fee.

There is no such fee in the State of Massachusetts.

Not only did they lie about the fee and insisted that I pay it, but they mistreated me because I was a woman.

The Used Car Manager Andrew Pritchit, used intimidation as a mechanism of price negotiation with me. He looked at me with disdain and disrespect.

Irving lied to me regarding the services that the dealership would provide for me and their timeliness.Both Irving and the Used Car Manager, Andrew Pritchit told me that they would make sure a list of items which I had as part of the negotiations would be completed when I purchased the car.

However when I checked with the service dept there, I was told that one of the items would be charged to my account because I did not purchase the Warranty.

For example, he told me that at 9AM the the day following my cash payment, he would get my car inspected. The next day came and the car was not even registered, nevermind inspected.When I called later on in the day, Irving told me that my car "should be all set" for me to drive it away. I tried to find out if the car was in fact done, did he in fact see the car? No he did not see the actual car. When I went into the dealership to drive away my car, I could not because no work had been done to the car.

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