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Mercedes-Benz of Beaumont

Country United States
State Texas
City Beaumont
Address 1865 I-10 South
Phone 409-840-3595

Mercedes-Benz of Beaumont Reviews

  • Apr 19, 2017

I bought a used Mercedes Benz, not thinking about how it was a Mercedes Benz and there aren't authorized places in my town that do work on them. It was one of those, "it's the cheapest car on the lot, a Kia used car lot in Lake Charles that is actually nice - I just didn't think about all of the required details, so the questions weren't answered (Entergy totaled my car and got off scott free, so they didn't pay me a thing, I was still getting over some effects from Oxycodone, so not all my mental faculties were there about asking questions about the car) It breaks down and I take it to a couple of places in town and they never truly fix it. It breaks down for good and I have to get it towed to the Mercedes Benz dealership in Beaumont, TX. Thankfully the representative on the phone that night was nice and said that they pay for the tow as long as I get it repaired at the dealership. Sounds good. [continued below]....

It is towed out on the evening of March 3 (I think this was the date - between the 1st and the 5th).

Get a call that the car is done on March 28 and find a ride to Beaumont on March 31.

1) Get the car back on Friday, March 31. Only once it is dark out at night, realize THAT NIGHT that the interior lights no longer work (this was only AFTER the dealership did any work on the car and not with anything we did).

2) On the morning of Sunday, April 9, get stranded at Stellar Beans. Hope it is just a jump that I need, but a jump isn't starting the car. Somebody that knows about cars comes and looks at it and tells me that all of my wires have been cut or stripped and wraps them with electrical tape them so I can actually start the car and drive. The car starts beeping at me and warning lights are on the panel.

3) Also, find out that one of the keys provided from the dealership does not start the car. It will let the lights start up, but that is it. The fob doesn't work at all.

4) Be mad at every. single. call. made to ANY Mercedes because they will NOT give any reset codes so I can get my car to stop beeping at me. This is because I want to be able to drive in peace. However, am glad that the car is at least safe to drive. Still, be angry with Mercedes because I did not use $5,000 of my student loan to get my car repaired in order to have it be messed up more - and think they will probably find "more wrong" with it and want to charge me more rather than honor their warranty.

5) Order an OBDII reader, get it on Friday, April 14.

6) On Sunday, April 16, find that my gas tank is only filling half way again.

7) I look at the OBDII reader and there are MANY CODES that can be found

Mercedes Benz jerry rigged my car! They did NOT fix it. It makes NO SENSE that they don't want to take pride in their work, but I DO KNOW that they did stuff so OTHER STUFF would happen and they'd try to BLAME ME for more and CHARGE ME for more to get out of their warranty!

The car beeps at me all the time when I drive and then it stops only when the brakes are on or when I'm in park.

I do NOT want to buy another Mercedes AT ALL.

I wrote to them with the solutions at the bottom, but all they did was act like I wanted to BUY another Mercedes AND from that dealership!!! First, of course I don't and secondly, even if I did, I wouldn't be buying from that place. I already paid them almost $5,000 and I know they say the reason the Mercedes was dying was due to other issues from what they did. Even though I had just gotten these repairs done, Mercedes people everywhere - the dealership, either of their free numbers, anything online, were just giving me headaches AND they wanted me to pay to tow it back - when I knew they would just say what they had done wasn't any of their fault (because I saw on the receipt that any of the one year warranty is only if they determine it was their fault. I found it better to trade the thing in and finance a Kia Soul. It can be serviced and fixed locally. Plus, it is still under warranty and will be for the next five years as I doubt I am going to drive it the distance it requires to be driven within the next five years. That Mercedes ML500 was a piece of junk.

Mercedes STINKS. They are NOT helpful and are just money grubbers!


1) You fix my car, FOR FREE, including ANY MORE PARTS REQUIRED. You messed it up in the first place. I did NOT have work done on it. This includes towing my car to your dealership AND towing it back to my residence because I do not have time for this mess MADE BY YOUR MECHANICS. I am NOT paying you another penny. You also need to pay for me to have a rental car for however long you have my car because I was already inconvenienced for a full month without a car and I can't have that AGAIN.

2) You take the car and YOU pay for me to get another car, one that is NOT a Mercedes, one that I can get repaired locally - and it doesn' t HAVE to be new. It just has to be one that I personally like. (don't know, but for YOU this option may be cheaper, as there is a used lot that has cars under $10,000, so I'm probably still being too nice to you here). I am interested in a USED CAR that is availble in LAKE CHARLES. But, I am NOT paying until YOU do something.

3) If neither of these options is chosen, then I will SUE YOU and MAKE SURE that people know you are TERRIBLY CORRUPT!

Yeah, so no suing. They also had my e-mail wrong.

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