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Mercedes-Benz Financial Services

Country United States
State Florida
City Fort Lauderdale
Address 2411 South Federal Highway
Phone 1.954.462.4381

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Reviews

  • Nov 22, 2017

I leased a 2015 Mercedes -Benz C300W4 in February 2015 for 36 months. I returned the car 4 months early in October 2017 because we were moving to Tucson. In my final invoice from Mercedes they are charging me for the 4 months that I am not using the car ($937.00_Understandable), along with their "Vehicle Return Fee" of $648.55 with an additional $782.62 for excess wear on front tires. I find it odd that there is that much wear on the front tires considering I only drove the car for 4 of the 14,000 miles allowed by the lease agreement. Their referenced statement on the invoice does not mention there were any "cords showing." One of the rear tires was brand new as I just replaced it because it had a slit in it. So the grand total is $2363.74. Considering I am giving them back 4 months, and $24,000 miles I thought that there would be some consideration on their part for what they were charging me for the tires. In speaking to both the customer service representative and his superior, Morgan Rachell, their only offer is $200 off of the $2363.74 Lease End Statement. I find this to be a poor way of gaining "customer loyalty". Feels more like a "Rip Off!

  • Oct 23, 2017

Almost 3 years ago I signed a lease for a CLA250 and have never been late on a payment. Since then I've had a few business setbacks that have caused my credit score to drop. Now that it's time to turn in the lease, I thought that it wouldn't be an issue to go into the new model since I was already making all the payments. I was surprised when I found out that they were pulling my credit again to re approve me but when they saw that my credit score had dropped, they wanted to charge me $4000-$5000 down to do what Ive been doing for 3years now. I think that this is greed and makes no business sense at all. I understand that in the beginning, Mercedes and I had no business relationship and that credit is pulled to assess risk but after paying on time for 3years I think Mercedes should know that they arent at risk, even if my credit has dropped. Im just going into the same car, no upgrade.

I had nothing but good things to say about Mercedes until now. This has put a bad taste in my mouth and the last company to not show some type of loyalty that I had dealings with I dropped.

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